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HELP With Training Protocol!

Hopefully this won’t be hard to understand. I wrote it up in computer lab. I placed how the protocal will be organized first (days I’ll be training etc). I placed DE, ME, RE days together separated by upper and lower body distinctions.

So first you’ll get the general idea, then you’ll get the actual program.

If you want me to divide it week by week. Let me know.

I have one week where I use upper body pulling for ME/DE

Modified Conjugate Template. Includes some O-lifts and is not for power lifting. This is to gain strength, size, and maintain athleticism for Mixed Martial Arts and other combative sports.

A LOT of Torso Work on ME: Lower Days, Some Torso work on DE: Lower days.
Maximal lifts are to guage weak areas and how strength should be brought up. And to increase strength in certain ranges. Auxillary work is to hypertrophy muscles that need to be strengthened. Strength comes from major ME and power from major DE movements. Repetition Effort days are for hypertrophy, allowing for a built in “rest” period, and strength endurance. GPP I?ll address @ a later time.

For auxillary work, a general guideline is that the higher the reps the lighter the weight and vice versa.

Monday: ME-Lower Body
Tuesday: GPP/Active Recovery
Wednesday: ME- Upper Body
Thursday: GPP/Active Recovery
Friday: DE- Lower Body
Saturday: DE- Upper Body
Sunday: REST (possible active recovery)

Epsom Salt Bath 1-2x/week
Massage Every Night (vibrating chair & Device)
Gallon of Water/Day
1.5-2gm of Protien/Day
8hr + Sleep
Vitamin C (1-2gm/day)
Cod Liver Oil Pills

West/Dark Side-

Week 1: Lower- ME, DE; Upper-ME, DE
Week 2: Lower- ME, DE; Upper-ME, DE
Week 3: Lower- ME, DE; Upper-ME, DE (PULL)
-Pulling motion used as ME/DE in upper body to emphasize the necessity for it in the clinch work/etc involved in wrestling motions and to balance physique and strength.

Week 4: Lower- RE, DE; Upper-RE, DE

  • Recovery, Hypertrophy


  • Intense conditioning week cycled in to raise/maintain all aspects of anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. Not Included Here. 2 a day conditioning.


1.Clean (10x3)
Box Squats (10x3)
Jump squats(5x3)
Pull throughs (48)
Seated GM (5

  1. Snatch (103)
    Box squats (10
    Dimel Deadlifts(220)
    Front Squat (4
    Lunges-front foot elevated (3*8)

3.Snatch (103)
Box Squats (10
OH Squats (412)
Pull Through (5
Seated GM (5*10)

  1. High Pulls Off Box-Clean Grip (103)
    Box Squats (10
    DBell Swings (412)
    Leg Curl (5
    Back Ext. (3*15)


1.Ballistic Bench (103)
Close Grip Bench (5
Power Curls (38)
Jerk (5
Towel Chin ups (4*12)

  1. Speed Bunch (103)
    1 Arm Bench (3
    Skull Crusher (53)
    JM Press (4
    Towel Pull ups (3*8)

  2. Jerk (103)
    OH Press (4
    Bent Rows (55)
    Wide Pullups (5
    Curls (5*10)

  3. ?PULL- Lat Pulldown (103)
    One Arm Bent Rows (3
    Upright Rows (48)
    Incline Presses (5


  1. Rack Pulls (Max)
    Step Ups (38)
    Dimel Deadlift (2
    Back Extension ( 4*12)

2.Good Morning (Max)
Split Squat (510)
Snatch Dead (3
Back Extension (5*15)

3.Dead stop Front Squat (max)
Reverse Lunge (412)
Sumo Deadlifts (5
GM-Squat (3*8)


1.-PULL- Weighted Pull up (max)
One arm Pull down (412)
Wide Pullups ( 3
Seated Rows (55)
Power Curls (3

  1. Rack Press (max)
    1 Arm Bench ( 5810)
    Bent Row (53)
    Skull Crusher (3
    Shrugs (4*12)

  2. Weighted Dip (max)
    1 Arm Bench (48)
    Skull Crusher (5
    OH Press (55)
    Close Grip Bench (3


  1. Suspended Pushups or Dumbbell Bench On Stability Ball (3near max reps)
    JM Press (4
    Bent Rows (55)
    Incline Presses (3
    Shrugs (3*10)


  1. Good Mornings
    Dumbbell Swings (55)
    Dimel Deadlift (2
    Power Curls (3*8)
    (A LOT of Torso Work)

why are you doing 2 excercises on the DE LB day that are 10x3 wouldnt that take up a lot of time lets say 5 seconds to do the set plus 45 second rest between sets that would be 50 secs times 10 which would be about 8 and a half minutes but more than likely itll take longer to perform these 2 excerices so im gonna say you spend roughly 25-30 minutes on these 2 excercises including racking and unrack weights and such …also what type of volume/intensity are you planning on using on the box squats im assuming 50-60 percent but what are you doing on the cleans and snatches are you doing them for speed? just curious other than that it seems pretty bad ass and similar to what my “Westside for Wrestling” was

Glad you noticed…I was doing that because i was reading up and I don’t recall where but at some point Louie had mentioned that they prefer to do pulling and squatting both on dynamic day. This seemed like a good idea to me. Though i could easily just alternate: one week box squat, next week o-lift.

You’re right though, I had been considering that myself. I may separate them into 53/53…

Thanks bro

oh and yes, i’m using 50-60% for DE days… For Olifts I’m doing the same, i’m focusing on bar speed and technique more so than lifting them extra heavy.

I believe all the other exercises will increase my absolute strength and speed-strength enough to raise my c&j/snatch #'s. As long as I don’t loose the neural pathways on how to clean etc, (keep the fluidity from the movement) I should be fine.

I may raise the O-lift intensity to 70% or somewhere in that general area if i feel like it. I doubt it though. Its mostly for speed speed speed.

That looks fun and great. I may have to rip it off of you for a cycle :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The only think I can add is that be careful with the O-lift %'s. It’s been said that anything under 85% is almost like doing an entirely different lift. You can usually see form change when doing an O-lift at 95%+. Just something to keep in mind.

Personally, I tried drilling with lighter weights, but found that it did little to improve my max. clean (it did help my snatch a bit).

Going heavy on pulls can help but remember, they have to me 100% exact or the carryover is gone. And, at some point improving your pulls won’t help your O-lifts.

If I had to make a suggestion, it would be to hit a 85-95% session in the O-lifts every few weeks…maybe even every 2 weeks…that’s basically what I did when I did my EDT-OL experiment and I hit new PRs in both lifts.

xen i think Louie meant by pulling he meant deadlifts he writes that they do some speed pulls with about 50 percent of the dl max on DE day with bands/chains the olympics lifts are crazy ass back builders and beneficial but im not sure thats what he meant try using the pulls as a max effort excercise every once in awhile but thats what i think and im certainly no expert dude so experiment with it and let us know how it turns out

2 questions

  1. do you have/plan to use bands at all?

  2. What % do you plan to use for your cleans and snatches?

For now, I would recommend doing Dimmels with doubled bands.

Also, I always thought that doing cleans with (some) band tension can train you to be quicker getting under the weight if you progress gradually

Finally, I think that cleans and snatches should be done with a greater percentage of your max than benches and squats, like 70-85% because your basing your max on a quick and technical lift already.

yea he meant speed pulls and I could still do them back to back…Dave Tate uses them that way in the 8 key’s article.

I think what I would do though is high pulls with snatch grip and clean grip. And for this first westside 4-5wk cycle I’ll alternate one week speed pulls, 1 week box squats. Get a good feel for this training style again before I jump in stupidly.

I’m not a powerlifter so I’m not worried about perfecting my deadlift form or anything. So I can do them clean/snatch style.

OF COURSE- I’m not an o-lifter so maybe I shouldn’t worry about that either. (but dammit they’re fun)

A larger squat, learning to squat faster… a larger deadlift, pulling faster… and a stronger grip will warrant an increase in my clean/snatch after form and what not is re-learned.

So I think for a while I’m going to forgo my O-lift training.

But I have about 8wks before I get to this training protocal I’m just preparing in advanced. So I’ll be mulling these things over in my head.

(finish up 20rep squats, start OVT, O-lift with a dan john program, then what we’re discussing now)

Thanks guys!

hows the 20 rep routine going? you gaining any mass

about 5-6lbs… I haven’t been able to sleep much, midterms and shit… also i’m living at home now, and my mom tore her groin muscle (she’s training for LA marathon), I crashed my car, and relationship bullshit…

So not a bad gain for stress, and lack of sleep… Especially since this is only my 3rd week.

Most of the gains have been in my shoulders and legs though… Thats fine with me (especially legs i need it) but my shoulders are pretty wide as it is My chest is shallow…if purely for aesthic purposes I’d like a larger chest :stuck_out_tongue: