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Help With Training Program

Hi guys, I’m new to training and I got my nutrition under control and was wondering about the training program that I should undergo. I really want to do CW’s Next Frontier, but the problem is the twice a day workouts on the last week. I don’t have time.

So I’m still planning to do it but I’m starting it on November 10 so that by the time week 7 and 8 come, it will be Christmas vacation. Meanwhile I want to do another program during this one month period and here are two that I found. Please tell me your opinion…

Frequency: 4 workouts per week alternating between Workout 1 & 2
Sets: 4
Rest: 1 1/2 minutes
Reps: 6-12
Tempo: 4-0-2
Will be done in supersets…

Workout 1
A1- Dumbell Bench Press
A2- Bent-over Row
B1- Decline bench press
B2- Chin-ups
C1- Barbell curls
C2- Tricep extensions
D1- Dumbbell Curls
D2- Tricep Pushdowns

Workout 2
A1- Squats
A2- Stiff-legged deadlifts
B1- Leg extensions
B2- Leg curls
C1- Ab crunches
C2- Trap shrugs
D- Seated Calf Raises

Frequency: 4 workouts per week alternating between Workout 1 & 2
Sets: 5
Rest: 3 minutes
Reps: 4-6
Tempo: 2-1-0
Superset: None

Workout 1
A- Deadlifts
B- Bench press
C- One-armed row
D- Barbell curls
E- Lying Tricep Extensions

Workout 2
A- Squats
B- Leg curls
C- Standing calf raises
D- Ab crunches

Which one would you suggest for maximum hypertrophy?? And if they both suck, then what would you suggest for the next 4-week time period?
Thank you

just do a full-body workout 3x a week. Be sure to pick good compound exercises and superset between upper/lower. If you want to be strict, follow the TBT outline.

I agree with TBT suggestion. HFT is for experienced (ie 2-3 years) lifters. If you did TBT for a year, switching up the exercises, and reps/sets once in a while, you would be a beast by the end of the year.