Help with Training, Nutrition, and Cycle

I’ve been hitting cycles for about 6 years and lifting for about 20. I work an unusual schedule of 4 weeks on and 4 weeks off. I work maintenance so its not like I’m balls to the wall all 13 hours every work day. They do cook my meals so I can eat clean when I’m out there pretty easy. My schedule is identical for 28 days too so I can hit my supplements right. Over the years I’ve noticed a tren blend at 300-350 with test at 250-350 is good for me without much side effects. It’d like to find a great stack and workout regiment tho that will fit with my work rotation and I don’t have to fly with it. I can keep test high by using pellets vs injections. I’m not big on the pellets tho and if need be I can get prescribed test so i can fly with needles. I don’t mind doing Tren Ace either cause the results are so much better but the prolactin tits is real when i cycle that and I’m not sure about taking caber. I’ve heard some bad stuff. But anyways I’d like to take shit to the next level. If that means paying so help to set up a routine, meal plan, and legit cycle then thats what I’ll do. Tag whoever you need. I’ve got recent labs if needed.

Likely what you need. You’ll get some critiquing here if you post your own plan. There are some good natural coaches on here but none I know of that coach AAS use.

Look up Bostin Loyd.
Maybe Miloš Šarčev has a spot open too.