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Help with Training 5-7 Days a Week


Hey CT, I love your tips on training, and programs. I have done everything from body part splits to Olympic lifting over the years, and now I don’t know what to do. I love training anywhere from 5-7 days a week, and love all aspects of it. I love the explosiveness of cleans and snatches, but when I focus on them I feel flat in other areas of the body. I love isolation stuff too, but when I focus on that I feel unathletic and stiff. My main focus is on aesthetics. I want to build muscle and be lean, but not bodybuilding stage lean, and want to be able to play a pickup game of football and feel explosive and nimble. All of this while trying to be in the gym as many times during the week as possible. Is there any strategy that can give me what I am looking for?


Here is what a current week looks like:

Day 1:
Push Press, Incline Bench, and bench work up to 5 rm then 5x3 at that weight on all. Face pulls or band pull aparts in between sets.

Day 2:
Isolation or growth factor work for the pressing muscles used the day before.

Day 3:
Hang snatch 6x3 at about 80%
Snatch High pull 5x6
shrugs 3x10 with 2 sec pause at top
OH Squat work up to a heavy set 3
Front squat starting at last weight used in OH work up to a heavy 3 RM

Day 4:
Strongman type day
Clean and Press work up to heavy set 3 then 5x2 at that weight
neutral grip db OH press 5x6-8
DB row same 5x6-8
DB Clean and press 4-5x12
Keg ground to overhead or one arm ground to overhead with heavy DB

isolation or growth factor for all pressing muscles

Day 6:
Hang Clean 6x3 at 80%
Clean Grip High Pull 4x6
Shrugs 3x10 with 2 sec pause at top
deadlift work to heavy set of 3-5

Day 7:
Isolation work for back and biceps finished with loaded carries for conditioning.

Also 1-3 days of the week I will either do some loaded carries or sprint work at night for conditioning. Thanks for any advice


I am not CT, however I would say you are doing too much of everything. It looks like you are a stimulus addict, doing more work won’t lead to more progress. Even most professional athletes don’t train 7 days a week, so why do you think you can handle it ?
When you say growth factor work , do you mean a full growth growth factor workout ? And on top of that you want to do 1-3 a week condition and sprints ?

(This answer is heavily influenced by CT answers in other threads, and may be wrong.)


No it’s not a full growth factor workout just 1 pairing or traditional pump work.