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Help with Thyroid

Would like the communities opinion on my Thyroid labs.

TSH - 5.09 - 0.34 - 4.84
T4, FREE - 0.58 - 0.59 - 1.36
T3, TOTAL - 1.24 - 0.66 - 1.66

Following these labs I’ve been started on 88mcg Syntroid. Been about two weeks, haven’t noticed any changes yet.

Can I have antibodies test done while taking Synthroid?

Also is this a concern, 25 hydroxy vit D - 50.57 - 31.00-100.00 ng/dl

No concern.
Wait on labs, they will likely increase your synthroid, You should be able to test for antibodies without issue.

Thanks, hoping this will finally help with my TRT as far as getting dialed in. I don’t think this thyroid issue is new, the VA is a real pain as far as getting proper labs done.

Any guidance on how to differentiate trt and thyroid symptoms?

They might have the same root cause, so it’s going to be hard to know. Labs are going to be your guide for a while until you get the feel.