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Help with Thib Program Name/Article


There was a program/series put out by Thib a few years back that I loved doing at the time and would like to read the article again to get the fine points. Can anyone help?

The main things I remember were:

-Ramping sets
-2 pressing days a week
-Build up to a max triple on Shoulder press, use that weight for incline then ramp up to max triple, then use that weight and ramp to a max triple on flat bench

  • 2 back/bi days
  • train press for performance/pull w/ volume
  • start workouts with neural activation- med ball throws, plyo push ups, kettle bell swings

Thanks in advance

ibodybuilder protcol w/ anacadona i think

the program wehre you do like 3 reps max of flyes and do some ratchet loading yeah

Naw it’s the original HPMass aka “look like a body builder train like an athlete”

They have since updated that program to straight sets and different exercises (although the “bones” largely remain the same) and scrubbed the original from the site. Im on mobile so I can’t send you the stuff I have, but suffice to say an astute internet user might be able to go “wayback” and find the info.

I’ll see what I have at home once I get there

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That’s correct. Someone posted about this the other day and it got me looking for the original. I am ready for a new program and I liked that when it first appeared on this site (remember, it was about 5 pages long!!).
Hope you’ve got something from then.

If you have the original article would you care to share it in some way shape or form? Thank you

@GetLethal , @believer423 ,

Here it is - You may want to print it or copy and paste into a word document for easier viewing as its from an archived version on “the wayback machine”

Note the “other articles in this series” section on the right, which has links to more info. Their youtube channel has the old videos.

CT, If you want this taken down let me know, I understand you have updated the article and may not want this one floating around any more.


Talk about déjà vu all over again. Hard to believe it’s been 10 years. Good find. Thank you.

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Thanks! Loved this one

Are you stronger, leaner and bigger than you were 10 years ago is the question?

Also, anyone who asks me this likes to suck dicks at the bus stop each morning.

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Thats gotta be up there with “you still working out?” … I guess being a lean-ish 190 just aint enough any more

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Thank you for the help! I have been trying to track this down for a while. I used to original back in college and lost the file I had on my old computer when it shit the bed. I tried using the wayback machine the other day but wasn’t able to get to the right article so I appreciate you taking your time do to so.

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It was a bit of a two step process when I found it earlier this year, I had to find an old article linking to the original article from way back then and then go wayback on that link

With regards to the Sled Work for Lats and Biceps, i have found walking back slowly whilst performing each rep - in lieu of stopping between each rep - allows you to maintain constant tension more effectively, much like that of the sled work performed for the lower body.