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Help With These Results Please

Hi guys,
Having a time trying to process these results.
Quick history: 47yr old active, Nebido for 2 years( live in South America…its all they have) , 1.2 ML every 2 weeks

The results im curious about are below:
Test Total - 11.64 ng
Test free calculated - 23.6 ng
Test Bio - 662 ng
Globulin Hormone (its in Spanish) - 39.2 nmol

Anything out of the ordinary here? I feel good but of course all these numbers are through their normal range roofs down here as TRT is not common
Little help would be appreciated.

I’m assuming this is ng/mL?

1.2mL of 1000mg/mL Nibido? So over 500mg per week? Can’t be that high, right?

Yes ng/ml for test results
A vial of Nebido is 1000mg/4ml
I split that up, micro-dosing roughly 300mg every 2 weeks
Sorry if I confused that

Ahhh good to know