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Help with the Reading of my Labs

Hey guys, battling with every single sympton, ED, low libido, loss of leg hair and scalp, I just cant take it anymore. Im fatigued all the time, lost muscle, gained fat, been like this for more than two years not a single doctor would prescribe TRT because they say my results are in “range”. Can you please, please take a look at my results?

Total T: 5.23 ng/ml (reference 2.41-8.27)

Free test: 7.4 ng/ml (ref 5.0-22)

Bio avaiable test: 173.3 ng/ml (ref 120-480)

DHEA-S: 145 ug/dl (ref 80-560)

Beta estradiol (e2): 31.1 pg/ml (max. Ref for men 39.8)

Prolactine: 11.10 ng/ml (ref 2.10-17.70)

FSH: 4.3 iu/l (ref 1.4-18.1)

LH: 3.5 iu/l (1.5-9.3)

SBGH: 31.0 nmol/l (ref 13.0-57.0)

These are the results, i would really aprecciate your time and inputs, thank you very much in advance

Nothing matters more than Free T, Total T is not bioavailable. DHEA is on the lower end and may need to supplement if TRT doesn’t resolve all symptoms. Men with sexual dysfunction do to a testosterone deficiency are at high risk for heart disease and cardiovascular disease.

I’ve seen men have problems when dipping below down to about Free T = 10 ng/dL, you’re well below it. Sick care doctors have hardons for ranges, they don’t care about your suffering or symptoms, only ranges. Sick care doctors to be able to participate under an insurance network must follow very narrow guidelines set forth by insurance companies.

Within ranges eliminates all discussions and removes critical thinking and analytical thought, this is the only way doctors can see 30 patients in an 8 hour shift. In reality none of the doctors you’ve seen have any real clue what normal levels are and they don’t care.

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@systemlord thank you very much for your response. At very least i know that in not alone with this. Every single doctor has told me that my problem is in my head and even that im in perfect range. Thats utter bullshit. Every hair in my leg has fallen, lost a lot of scalp hair, severe ED, lost strenght, even my Dick has lost girth and i gained fat and lost muscle.

They dont even care, i go to private doctora without social health and They dont ever bother to touch anything out of range. Im 28 years ffs why do i have to feel like this and They wont even help in my country (argentina), They Just say that maybe im deppresed, which im not, OR its in my head. The Last one Just took my Hard earned money and wouldnt even look my bald calves (months ago They were covered with hair), not even my bald parches in my beard, i didnt have those Last year and i offered to show him old pictures.

I must say, its a real struggle to find a really qualified profesional Who cares, I dont know what to do.

My lh and fsh is kinda low too, no?

I wouldn’t say LH is low, but I would say it’s not good for optimal testosterone like you had in your youth. Millions of men all over the world are told they are normal and inrange, it is pure bullshit!

The pharmaceutical companies are always coming out with fake studies that make headlines all to screw with prescribing doctors heads to prevent billions of dollars in profit from being lost, if you don’t have a disease, pharma and doctors aren’t making money.

It’s funny because several randomized clinical studies only show benefit when TRT is prescribed.

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Prolactin and the other vales are ok then? How can i talk with and endo to get treated? I Just dont know what to do my friend :(. I tried to tell the three doctors i went the symptoms, then showing then the Labs, tried to at least take me seriously and explained then that im 28 and at least i Want to FEEL better, i even tried to not tell em the sexual sides because they always rule out that having these problems at 28 is Just mental. I know that losing my legs hair, muscle mass, gaining fat albeit training with really really low energy is not mental.

chessboxin, I posted the below comments previously and thought perhaps it will help you, some of it pertains to the US. You’re going to have to find a doctor to work with you and I have no idea how difficult that could be in Argentina.

I think at least some of us need to understand that doctors are not idiots. They know what they know, they do not know everything. Would you go to a mechanic with a question about your heart valves?

Doctors know what they were taught. Plus, it is very difficult to let go of what you learned first. Doctors are taught that there are normal lab ranges and if you are within those ranges, you are fine. By definition, you do not have hypogonadism if your total testosterone is 330. You do not have hypothyroidism if your TSH is 4.15.

Most doctors participate in managed care networks or are in network for various insurance plans. Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums, not pay claims. Their entire purpose is profit and part of that is reducing claim exposure.

If your total test is 330 and your doctor submits a claim to your insurance plan that claim must have a diagnosis and treatment consistent with the diagnosis. If the submitted diagnosis is hypogonadism and the treatment is regular testosterone injections, the doctor is committing fraud. Most insurance systems will flag the claim and deny treatment. Do it enough times and they’ll report the doctor to the state medical board.

Even if you qualify for treatment, doctors were taught to treat low testosterone with no more than 200mg injections and no more frequently than every other week. Some will go every three weeks (maybe 300mg then) or every month.
So, you consult with your PCP. Let’s say he or she sees an average of 120 to 150 patients a week. How many of them do you suppose are low test guys? As my retired PCP, and good friend, told me, “we aren’t trained in this.” Of course, some will try to help you, they know something about it. They know what they were taught. Was it accurate or enough? No. But they don’t know that.
Take an endocrinologist or urologist. They likely have more experience with low test than the primary. What were they taught? Are they even interested in this? What really is their specialty? Testosterone? I know an endo who is a pediatric endocrinologist specializing in diabetes. Would you like her to handle your low T?

Point is, why would you not consult with someone who specializes in treatment of low testosterone, or hormone optimization? Yes, your PCP could be consulted, but do you really think you’ll get top shelf, state of the art, care? You may get it cheaper, especially if the insurance route is attempted. Sometimes you get what you pay for. I don’t know who is worse, us for going to a primary expecting specialist treatment for low testosterone, or the GPs for treating something when they know, or should know, the patient might be better off elsewhere. I wouldn’t call an endocrinologist or urologist an idiot, but keep in mind what they have been taught about testosterone.

I think the best option is a doctor who only does hormone restoration/replacement/optimization or whatever you would like to call it. If possible, referral is usually the best route in which to choose a doctor so if you know anyone on TRT ask them who they see. If you do not, look around. Do you train at a gym? If so, approach guys who look like they might be on testosterone. They are plentiful. Most will be open with you and willing to answer your questions and help you. We’ve all been there.
A primary will try to help you, but they are also focusing on all the other conditions they see. A hormone doc does only hormones, that’s their interest, their passion.

Another thing, I’d look for someone who is also on TRT, walking the walk. A cardiothoracic surgeon does not need to have their chest cracked because it’s the best thing going, but a TRT doc that is not taking his own medicine is suspect in my opinion. If I’m consulting a doctor for TRT, I want to be looking at someone who looks jacked, fit, in shape, whatever, maybe even looks young for their age. Someone looking overweight or obese, unhealthy, frail or just out of shape, is not for me.

Thanks for your input, i greatly appreciate your opinión. I would like to know how can i get some treatment with the Labs in normal low range. Do i have to go an antiaging clinic? I went to 3 andrologist so far and no luck, Will try with another one

I’m not sure what it is, exactly, that an andrologist does. In the United States, especially in larger cities, there are plenty of “Low-T” clinics, “Men’s Clinics,” etc., that solely focus on prescribing testosterone to men. Plus, there are the telemedicine practices. You’ll need something outside of the government run healthcare system.