Help with the Math!

I’m trying to figure out the proper amount of test to inject on an EOD schedule. I am supposed to do 100mg every week. The vial I got is 200mg/ml (so thats 1/2 ml per week). I came up with 13iu’s on my insulin syringe EOD. Does this sound right?

Also, is there any good instructions out there on how to inject in the quad properly? I already did it myself and I am almost shaking from nerves! haha. Here’s what I did.

  1. wiped bottle off. Pulled back syringe. Pushed into vial. Drew out about 15 iu’s and then pushed back to about 13iu.

  2. pulled out needle. wiped quad with alcohol.

  3. I picked a spot on my upper quad towards the outside. took a deep breath

  4. pushed in the needle. Pulled back on the plunger looking for blood. No blood, just air bubbles

  5. pushed the plunger all the way down.

  6. swiftly pulled out needle and put finger pressure on the injection site.

  7. started breathing again.

Sound ok? I feel a charlie horse in the muscle right now. Normal?


Good start. There are 3.5 EODs per week, divide weekly dose by 3.5

Yes, first injects are scary. If you did the 1.5" needle in your butt, that is scary, and can be dangerous if not done right and you hit a major blood vessel or the sciatic nerve.

what about Ventrogluteal Injections?

You can google it for pictures and procedures (as I was warned about posting links to external sites).

I have been doing that for the last year with pretty good success. 1" 25 gauge needle. Easy to self inject, low nerve density for mostly pain free shots, and low vein density = less risk.

He is injecting small volumes OED with #29 0.5ml 0.5" insulin needles, no need for Ventrogluteal.

Yes, very small volumes. And it’s virtually pain free!

Can inject in the quad right before going to the gym on legs day? I feel like the test is going to come oozing out when doing squats! Lol

Oh, and should you rotate quads for each injection? Will a bit harder to do that left side!

You need to do both sides as you will get some enlargement near the injections with IM or SC. Nothing will ooze out!