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Help with the Deadlift


Hey all, I am a long term lurker and former powerlifter. For about the best two years I haven't really lifted at all since starting college and am really looking to get back into it. Right now I am running Chaos and Pain's intermediate deadlift specialist program and on the lifts I'm having a not so bad time getting back into the game except on the deadlift.

For some reason none of the stuff I have tried so far has really felt right, so far all I have ever done is linear progression but feel like it's time for something else.

So my question is does anyone have any recommendation for me on getting back into deadlifting?

Stats (Not sure if this will help in anyway)
Ht: 6'1
Wt: 250
Bench Press: 385
Squat: 425ish
Deadlift: highest ever 601 in comp but maxed today at an easy 585.


It seems like you already know how to build your deadlift. If you haven’t hit a plateau then I see no reason to change what you’re doing on deadlift. Your squat looks like it needs a lot of attention.


See that’s the thing my deadlift has been right around 600 for three years due in large part to very unpredictable training, basically I have just been able to only maintain and not actually improve. And yeah, squats are lagging in a bad way but since I’ve started doing them twice a week they started going up fairly fast with simple linear progression.


Do you pull conventional or sumo?


Conventional but have started sumo for higher reps as assistance.


It might be a good idea to keep your deadlift work the same for a bit longer (keeping the sumo work too). You increased your squatting frequency to two times a week and if that continues to improve it might carryover to your deadlift. How long ago did you increase your squatting frequency?

I’m only saying to keep the deadlift work the same for a bit longer so you can see the effects before making another big change to your deadlift work. I have a feeling that the increased squat work and additional volume from sumo assistance will help drive up your conventional.


Alright thanks lift, I’ll give that a try and see where that takes me. I just started doing more frequent squatting over the past couple weeks. The real main thing that was bothering me was how beat up I felt after the deadlifts but that was probably me just getting back into lifting more than anything.