Help With Testosterone Injections

Is it possible to do glute injections of 1/2-1 cc of testosterone with a 25 gauge needle? I’m lean at 10% bodyfat or less - there is very little fat on my ass. Can I push this small amount of test through a 25 gauge needle or do I need a 22. Those are my choices - again it’s only 1/2-1 cc so I’d like to use the thinnest needle possible.


Sure. A lot of guys even use insulin pins these days. You could probably use 1/2" insulin pins in your glute provided you dont carry too much fat back there and you stick it in all the way. But definetly you wont have trouble with a 1" 25g needle.

The smaller the diameter of the syringe, the more pressure that is exerted on the contents. You could probably push peanut butter out through a 27g insulin pin.

Warm it up by setting the vial in hot tap water first (not too hot) this decreases viscosity, dont submerge the vial completely, keep water away from the top, keep it sterile ya know?

no worries, i use 25g, 1 inch into the glutes without a problem. i use a 22.5g to pull it up though

Thanks guys. I’m switching from Androgel to test injections for HRT and need to know what gauge needles I need.

Go ahead and use the 25g pins… but please PLEASE don’t opt for the slin pins. In my opinion, insulin pins just do not penetrate the belly of the muscle deep enough, no matter what your BF% is. It just isn’t proper practice!

I see no reason to use an insulin syringe unless you are using HCG, GH, or insulin itself. Pain should not be a factor in respects to injections. Heck, if someone is man enough to train hardcore, and eat hardcore, then you should be man enough to inject hardcore with the proper instruments for fuck sakes.

I use insulin pins in my biceps, triceps and pecs. Anywhere else i opt for something longer.

Don’t forget igf-1 mass.