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Help with Testicular Atrophy

Hi everyone I followed a cycle with Proviron for 8 weeks 50 mg a day and I finished it about 5 months ago. I didn’t follow any PCT because I listened to a friend who told me that Proviron doesn’t need PCT to follow.
The week after the cycle my libido and energy were down and my testicles that already before the cycle were not very large, a bit shrunken.
In the meantime I’ve recovered my libido and my energy and my testosterone levels seem to me to have returned almost as before, only one thing has not fixed: the size of my testicles, which have remained almost the same as the week after the cycle.
Now I’ve bought Nolvadex, HCG and a natural T booster but I haven’t taken anything yet.
Please, does anyone know what I could do to correct this testicular atrophy?
I was thinking about using HCG for a few weeks followed by Nolvadex, some ideas?

Bloodwork first and foremost. You need to know what your tt, ft, lh, fsh and estradiol are doing. You could then run the hcg for a couple weeks followed by nolva regimen.

I have the exams of 1 month ago, TT 510 ng/dl , TF 40 pg/ml LH 4.7, FSH 2.1, I do not have E2.
Should I take HCG followed by nolvadex to correct the atrophy and which protocol should I follow?

Your in range so the hcg shouldn’t be necessary really. Hcg mimics lh. You could do it that way if you want though. Run hcg for a couple weeks then nolva for 2 weeks. Like a mini pct. Should kick you in the balls.

Sorry, I don’t understand because I don’t speak English well, I write from Europe with a translator. To recover the testicular size, I have to follow 2 weeks with HCG followed by 2 weeks with Nolvadex, but what dosages and what times?
Thank you.

Any progress?