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Help with Test Results

Hello Folks, Wonder is anyone can make any sense of these results I have just received.

Bit of background info. I was on Test Prop/Mast Prop and Var since January. Took my last shots on August 25th. For the 3 weeks previous to this I was taking HCG 5000iu and 75iu of HMG on Monday/Wed/Fri

I commenced PCT on 29th August, Running Clomid 50mg/Nolva 20mg/Aromasin 25mg/Proviron 100mg per day.

I stopped PCT on 10th October and I took my blood sample on 15th October. This was a finger pin prick sample which was then sent to Medichecks.

During PCT I was taking IGF1Lr3 on training days which were not many. I was also taking PT141 a few times per week to help with libido.

I have been advised by medichecks to take their TRT Plus test in 4 weeks which will take a venous blood sample and will also measure Oestradiol.

I feel crap at present and have no libido what so ever. In my very uneducated opinion I think the results are wrong and the test was screwed up. Or else the UGL Proviron I was taking was not proviron and the IGF and PT141 were also something else that could have led to such screwed up results. The other PCT meds were UK Pharmacy brands

Thanks in advance for your replies

Results for Testosterone and Free Androgen Index appear to be stated in different units than the ranges - please check. Also no Estradiol (sensitive). I suppose Free Androgen Index is a proxy for Free T.

Hello Folks, I still had to improvement with symptoms so undertook a Power PCT which completed in Mid March. I had another blood test 4 weeks later. Results posted below.

Any ideas how I can increase test without adversely effecting spermatogenesis?

Thanks in advance for your replies