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Help With Test Result


Hi guys,

I recently went and got a blood test done to see my Test level. My doctor is an idiot and just said i'm fine and told me to go. Please let me know if my Test level is fine for a 21 years old guy. Thank you.

Serum Folate Only
6.6 ug/L 3.8 - 20 ug/L
Serum Testosterone
15 nmol/L 9 - 27 nmol/L
Vitamin B12 Level
413 ng/L 120 - 1000 ng/L
Plasma fasting glucose level
4.5 mmol/L 3.5 - 6 mmol/L

I don't have any clue about these results and will like to seek your opinion.


Your total T is mid-range. But at 21YO, guys should not be there.

If you want to pursue this, you need to consider your low T a symptom and try to find the root cause.

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fasting cholesterol [might be too low]

So what are your “symptoms”? What changed and when? Anything else happened in that time frame?

Have you been cycling gear? What was PCT? Any prohormones? Any deca only cycles? Any hair loss drugs?