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Help with Test E/HCG/Clen Cycle

Hey guys,
Been reading the forums for ages, looking for some info.
I’m about to start my 3rd cycle, however this will be the first one I take seriously. I like to keep it basic because I respond well naturally to training. I’m 6"2 and 113kgs. I’m basically just wanting to experiement with HCG

The cycle I have planned is:
Weeks 1 - 8 Test E 500mg a week (2 pins)
Weeks 3 - 8 HCG 500iu a week (2 pins)
Weeks 11 - 12 HCG 300iu EOD

Weeks 2 + 3 Clen tapered up from 20, back down to 20
Weeks 7 + 8 Clen same as above

I’ll be alternating H.I.I.T, boxing and body weight in the mornings before work and resistance training in the afternoon. Any infor regarding changes of dosage, pct etc would be appreciated. Only really includ8ng clen coz I have it. I also have a vile of Sust 250, should I frontload the first two weeks with it stacked with Test E? And I don’t want to hear any of the negative shit from wankers. I’m asking for assistance, not to be made fun of.

Experimenting with HCG? What effects do you think HCG will provide you?

Long story short, finished a test e/deca cycle and the HCG I was given did not help with anything. I’m in Thailand now and ran 250iu for 4 days and in that time alone my balls and loads are back to former glory. I’ve heard different stories about it, some peoples nuts growing bigger than before, some don’t. I react amazing to test e: 600 a week & zero sides. On creatine my cock gets thicker, harder and more vascular. It honestly increased to the point where my girlfriend was uncomfortable. I wanna see if the HCG during my cycle prevents testicular atrophy but also increase size of them and loadsl volume. Sorry for long answer

You get extra points for using the term ‘wankers’.

I like HCG, but I’m also on trt. For me it’s kind of a necessity, but for guys who cycle it’s a little more nuanced. I like the idea of using it before pct. I think everyone should incorporate it that way. But during cycle it can be beneficial as well. The issue is e2 and how it can cause an increase. At 1,000iu/w you shouldn’t have that much of a problem, but be on the lookout for symptoms pretty early on and make sure you can adjust or drop it if necessary. Otherwise I think your cycle looks perfectly reasonable. I have not nor will ever use clen so I don’t have any insight into that.

Thank you mate! I appreciate your response and advice. Do you think an AI is worthwhile? Though on my last cycle I didn’t really cop too much, except for the time I was an emotional wreck because my dogs chewed their new water bowl haha but besides that major estrogen spike I was all good

Take as needed. I personally don’t use an AI unless it becomes obvious I need one. If you can do without then that’s probably better, but in case of emergency break glass.

FWIW I’m not a fan of HCG. I’ve not noticed much atrophy without it and it never made me feel ‘right’. I’m on TRT and blast 2x per year as a reference. Regarding your cycle, I don’t like blended test but… I would also run the testE out to 10 weeks so if your only option is to mix in the Sus on the front side to make that far maybe its a good idea.

I don’t understand this cycle. Why 8 weeks? Typically a long ester cycle is longer.

Why add the clen, just because you have it?

What do you need the HCG for?

What are you doing for weeks 9 & 10? What’s your PCT? Do you even have your PCT drugs yet?

What’s the purpose of this cycle? What are you goals? What’s your starting point: bodyfat, strength numbers, etc? What’s your nutrition like?

If this is a cutting cycle, I think there are better ways to do it.

1 will run for 10 weeks, I just wanted thoughts on 8. My last test e/deca cycle went for 16 + pct and I got bored to be honest. Maybe 10 weeks could be the sweet spot for me. Thanks for the advice, I was only using Sust coz I have an unopened vile. I will leave it out at stick to test only though. Thank you

I’m gunna push it out 10 weeks. My last cycle was 16 and by the end of it it was a chore and no longer enjoyable, I got bored with it.
I would like to see how my body reacts to clen. It is a cutting cycle, I’ll post a picture of how I looked at 105kg natural.
I’m an advanced trainer, however sitting maybe 18% bodyfat. I am a few units in to a bachelor of nutrition so I am far from knowing everything but I know enough. I usually run high carb because I train h.i.i.t cardio on an empty stomach in the mornings. I am able to acheive what i want naturally, I am extremely lucky. To be honest i just love taking test e. As I mentioned in another response, when I take creating my cock blows up. I want to see if my balls do the same thing on HCG. Mainly for my own ego to be honest

This isis 105kg all natural. Not the leanest person ever but I’m sure it shows you how hard I put in and how much I eat. As I said carbs are high, but cardio is done hard

I don’t understand your cycle/exercise routine. Clen works with cardio and dietary restrictions. So if you are cutting, great. But adding the aas to build muscle requires adequate calories. So, what are you trying to accomplish?

I used to do exactly the same workouts at the same times as you with clen when I was cutting. Yes it worked. The only thing I can think is that you are trying to preserve muscle during a cut?

And last, I wish everyone would post a body composition photo when they are asking for help. That will help others figure out if what you are doing will work.

You don’t need any fucking clen, you are already cut.

You are less than 18% bf, way less. How did you measure?

I don’t think that is recent. He said that was taken as a natty and a few posts above he said he has already cycled before.

Exactly right mate! That’s the size I want to get back to, but leaner. Hence why I’m wondering about using clen. My cardio and diet is on point but I’m 10kgs heavier than in that picture. I’ll try find a photo of current size but as I’m on holiday I don’t really have any. Sorry for the confusion

Sorry mate, my bad. That’s the shape I want to get back to, I’m natty in that picture. I’m currently 10kgs heavier than that and whilst my traps, shoulders and chest are big, I just look like a big block at my current weight. My bad for the confusion!

Sorry mate, I’ve made this way more confusing than it has to be!
Using the test just because I enjoy how I feel on it plus will be doing heavy resistance training 4-5 times a week.
Using clen for stim and to cut with cardio.
Basically I just enjoying using aas’ but my knowledge is not advanced. That pic is 2 years old. I’m now 10kg and 8-10%bf higher. I will try find a picture. Sorry again for confusion

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Use that camera phone

This is now. Roughly 113 kgs, looking to cut to 105-108.