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Help with Terminology for a Presentation


I'm currently working on a powerpoint presentation on growth implants in cattle and was wondering if someone can give me just a quick description of some terms I've come across. Thanks.

Here's an excerpt from an article i'm planning to use as a source:


The naturally occurring androgen, testosterone, is included in some implant products
approved for heifers, but is not approved for use in steers. Trenbolone, a synthetic androgen
is approved for use in steers and heifers, in the form of trenbolone acetate (TBA). TBA is
readily de-acetylated in the blood stream. Several products are available which contain both
TBA and estradiol; this TBA+E combination is typically the most effective growth promotion
strategy. Neither testosterone, in commercially feasible doses, or TBA, administered without
estradiol, is particularly effective in steers. TBA is highly effective in heifers, or in steers,
when co-administered with estradiol. TBA is preferable to testosterone because it is more
anabolic and less androgenic.

TBA is readily de-acetylated in the bloodstream.
Does this just basically mean that once this particular functional group is removed, it can be used and will be able to bind to androgen binding sites?

I know this is dealing with masculine features, but if someone could help connect the dots, and I know this isn't a cattle website, but how does this matter in an animal with a short lifespan, does it effect muscle density or am I completely off?

Thanks for the help


androgens-male sex hormones


Not sure exactly what else you want.

De-acetylated means essentially the trenbolone ACETate is being metabolized into its active form of trenbolone, if I am correct acetate is an ester... The ester dictates how long it takes for a certain drug to 'kick in' as well as how long it 'hangs around' for... its half life.


Ok, that makes sense, thanks for the reply.