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Help With Tempo

When a 321 tempo is prescribed for a pull up how do you go about doing this? is it 3 seconds to lift myself, 2 second pause at the top then 1 second to lower myself? the faq link in this article must have changed because it doesn’t talk about it. i forget which number is the lowering and which is the lifting. i know it’s a simple question so could someone help me quick. thank you!

Easy…You were wrong…

3s-lower the weight
2s-pause on the floor
1s-lift the weight

First number = eccentric/negative phase
Second number = pause between eccentric/concentric
Third number = Concentric phase

Even if the concentric take longer than a second, It mean that you must apply as much force or as much acceleration (F=mass*acceleration) as you can, to make the movement as fast as possible.
A * mean that It must look fast!