Help With TBT For a Skinny Guy

I have spent ten enjoyable weeks on Starr’s 5x5 and have done so exactly as prescribed. I was able to get back up to my weight of 200 pounds after slacking most of the year and falling to about 180. After a few unmotivated weeks of HFT I am longing for another full body program.

I’ve read alot about Starting Strength and the workout really appeals to me for the most part. I wont say that I am exactly altering his workout as much as I am incorporating his principles to make a workout more in tune to my needs and interests. (don’t worry its not to get more direct arm work)

My alterations are based primarily on the fact that my legs are disproportionately large compared to my upper body. I often get comments on having thunder thighs (doesn’t bother me but I would like to focus more effort on the upper body.)

By no means am I a strong individual, but I feel as though my upper body is far more lacking in the strength department. I also do not get motivated to perform squats and dead lifts in the same workout even if dead lifts are held to a single working set (I can handle it but lose motivation for the second lift.)

Here is the program that i have devised based largely on Rippetoe’s Starting Strength. I have included the weights that I used last week as my test to help determine if an imbalance exists anywhere.

Workout A
1.Squat 3x5 at 245 (As close to ATG as I could possibly get, meaning I was much lower then parallel and going just as low as I go on my warm up sets. I feel that this weight will progress once I get used to the added depth.)

2.Bench 3x5 at 160, 1x8 at 135

3.Weighted Pull ups 3x2 (undetermined weight), 1xmaximum reps unweighted

4.Core circuit (Hanging leg raises, face pulls, wood choppers)2x10-12
(I realize that face pulls are not a core exercise but I wanted to fit them in somewhere as prehab.)

Workout B

1.Deadlift 1x5 at 315. (Alot of warm ups)

2.Military Press 3x5 at 115, 1x8 at 95. (i can go heavier but not with perfect form)

3.Bent Over rows 3x5 at 135.

  1. Pull ups 3 times max reps (8/6/6)

5.Core circuit (Cable crunch, Russian twists, hyper extensions) 3x10-12

I will alternate my workouts and perform them every second day.

My rest time will be between 60-120 seconds.

  • Optional-I was debating super setting non competing muscle group days that I am short on time.

If ever I am extra motivated at the END of my workout I will add a set or two of dips. (not likely too often though)

My primary goal is to gain mass on my tiny upper body.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated…

You may want to post this in the beginners forum…

In the interest of being less of an asshole, because people are sensitive around here: Eat more (yes I assume you undereat, otherwise you would be bitching about being fat not skinny), use a more moderate rep range, include arm work, Trap work, calf work, and hit the shoulders more.

I, in limited experience, generally think your routine sucks for Bodybuilding.

I think this can work. Remember, the rules for building muscle are:

  1. Choose the right exercises that stimulate your muscles the best

  2. Choose the right rep range for the given exercise that best stimulates your muscles.

  3. Progress on the chosen exercises

  4. Eat enough calories and protein to actually rebuild more muscle tissue than before.

If the exercises you have chosen, and the rep ranges stimulate your muscles the best, then it will work.

Obviously, if you find yourself half assing your exercises near the end, then its best to split your workout up more.

The only majore problem I see is the lack of arm exercises. You NEED them if you’re going to build your arms up to their maximal potential.

Yes looks a bit shabby.

Perhaps it is time for me to try something totally different. I have never done a split before but it couldn’t hurt to try one out.

I do realize that building muscle is more about diet. I try to force enough calories down the old gizzard but could use some work. I use Berardi’s calorie calculator to determine my needs.

Perhaps I will give Thib’s Superhero program an honest shot.

Thanks for the feedback

[quote]tupac wrote:
Perhaps it is time for me to try something totally different. I have never done a split before but it couldn’t hurt to try one out.[/quote]

Welcome to the darkside. It is quite nice here.