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Help with T4? Thyroid Issues

I need some info/guidence regarding T4. I had to have my thyroid completely removed and now I am on 175mcg T4 daily.

My question is that I’m reading that the enzyme responsible for converting T4 to T3 is suppressed or not as readily available when in a caloric deficit. So is it going to be a major PITA to cut? Also I read ECA stack can help a little with this… can anyone confirm/offer input?

I’m running a 500 calorie deficit right now and so far things arent going as smooth as I had planned, although I’m only 2 weeks in. This past week I didn’t lose any weight at all, nor did I lose any fraction of an inch in the midsection. Gonna up cardio this next week and see if it gets me anywhere, after that drop the cals another 100 the next week. Stats are 5’10, 206lbs, 18% bodyfat and diet is 2400 Calories/Day 40/30/30 Pro/Carb/Fat

As far as i know, what you said is true. While on a caloric deficit T4 conversion to T3 is hampered, partly due to a rise in cortisol levels. Some people also have troubles with this even when not in a deficit and for them, taking T4 doesn’t help much at all. This is why treatment with natural dissected thyroid has become more and more popular recently (it has a combination of T4, T3, etc.).