Help with T Levels Treatment

Hello guys, im 23 ex D1 athlete that has not been feeling right for a while, got my blood checked and got a testosterone of .8ng/ml or 80ng/dl
What should I do, do you guys have any advice? T replacement or other
Any advice is welcome as I a m scared to start T replacement
My doctor advised about Androgel but not sure about it

Need lots more info:
when did this start
did that follow a blow to the head or whiplash
any loss of width of peripheral vision
describe fat patterns and how/when these changed
any gyno?
describe facial and body hair
are you still training? - time line
energy and changes
have you always use table salt? -history
get cold easier now?
outer eyebrows sparse?

waist size -what size jeans to you where

Post all lab work with ranges. Low T is not the disease, it is the symptom and we need to find the cause.

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fasting cholesterol
fasting glucose

I fell into an eating disorder, fad diet and depression after a bad break up, I put on fat pretty easily event i workout if im not extremely careful, have an impossible time putting on muscle, i have facial and body hair, very dry skin, train religiously but with very low energy so counter productive
I do use salt
I am always cold and lost 30lbs but this is due to the fad diet
Eyebrow normal

weight 145/150 (170 when i was playing, 130 at my lowest during ED)
I am a 28 or 30 for jeans
below are my complete lab results
Names are in french but mostly the same, if need translation let me know

Thank you so much for your help
Much needed

did you get the message above?

When T is low, we do see some lower hematocrit [HTC] levels. However, your HTC is very low. You may have some [GI] blood loss via your intestines. Please ask your doctor for an occult blood test to find blood cells in your shit. Not something that you can see with the eye. Blood loss can be from food allergies or other digestive/gut problems.

Hemoglobin is also low, perhaps from GI blood loss.

ASAT/ALAT are elevated. Perhaps related to GI blood loss.

Dry skin can be from low T and/or low thyroid function
Is your table salt iodized?
Your feeling cold is a strong symptom of low thyroid function.
Please read the thyroid basics sticky and check oral body temperatures as suggested.

Do not ignore this low HTC problem.

With [suspected] thyroid problems, it is probably that you will not absorb androgel and injected T would be a good alternative. See the protocol for injections sticky.

Living in a city and having a darker skin means that you can easily not have enough vitamin D3. Try to find 5,000iu Vit-D3 capsules. Related lab work would be Vit-D25

Starvation diets can be very harmful with long lasting effects sometimes.

Did some extra blood work here it is

Any advice ?

That lab work and low total proteins also supports GI blood loss and doctor made notes about those numbers, but I can’t read it.

When you get odd labwork, you need to do follow up work, that is the whole point. Occult blood test is cheap and easy, get it done.

Are you eating red meat?
Getting enough protein in your diet?

Males typically do not need any supplemental iron and the typical concern with males is too much iron. Your labs are alarming. Part of your low energy is thin blood. As your liver enzymes are high, your liver also needs to be considered to be part of your general problems and possible source of blood loss.

Do not ignore Vit-D3 as a factor in your general well-being.

You are not replying to all of what I address in my posts.

Hello I used to be vegetarian but started to eat meat again and try to get a decent amount of protein,
My salt is not iodized
Here are my latest labs
Started supplementing with Vit-D

Lh (Luteinizing Hormone), Serum
LH, Serum
1.1 mIU/mL
1.5-9.3 mIU/mL
FSH (Follicle-stimulating Hormone), Serum

FSH, Serum
4.7 mIU/mL
1.6-8.0 mIU/mL
Prolactin, Serum

Prolactin, Serum
8.6 NG/mL
2.0-18.0 NG/mL
Shbg (Sex Hormone-binding Globulin), Serum

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
42 nmol/L
10-50 nmol/L
Testosterone, Total, Serum
111 NG/dL
250-1100 NG/dL
TSH, Serum or Plasma


Thanks for your help

Please advise

Fuck androgel go with the shots, 100mg aweek testosterone cypionate cost around 30 bucks a month much more effective than, androgel with only 15% absorb at $500 month, i assume thry got about 10 bucks in each tube, p.s. tje docs get bonus for putting you on expensive medications.

Hello sir

Thank you for your answer, however aren’t the shots also reducing the ability of one to produce testosterone naturally?


You are producing less T than a prepubescent boy naturally. Androgel or shots, both will shut you down. Only way androgel does not shut you down is when you’re not absorbing the gel and your T levels are still low.

Hello so are you saying that I should or shouldn’t use it

Of course, TRT is needed for you. Your natural production is no good, so replacement should be done the best way possible.

I started picking up my diet and doubled my T in two weeks, isn’t it a sign that it could be fixed? Simply asking dont mean to sound rude

If your symptoms are resolved, then great!

I wouldn’t call it resolved but better
Went from 60 to 110ng/del
What do you think

First try to get your liver values in range and resolve your GI blood loss as Ksman has said. Liver damage affects T values. Do not jump to TRT try to resolve these two issues first then improve your diet to see the further changes in T levels. If there is no change then go for HPTA Restart . The last resort is TRT for lifetime.

I would consider anything below 450ng/dl to be Low when there are symptoms. 60-110 are absolutely bottom pit Low, almost the lowest I have heard. I doubt you live such a bad lifestyle to fix it by diet. The 450 figure is not even considering free T. I had TT of 700 but still suffer from Low T symptoms as my free T was Low. Your changes in levels whilst still abysmal, is not due to your diet but the general fluctuations of levels.

What is wrong with my liver values, what needs to change?
Same question for GI blood loss

Check your ast and alt values for liver they should be in range. GI loss doctor can tell in more detail . Liver certainly affects T values.