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Help with T Dosage & Lab Work Intervals - High Hematocrit


I am 59 and have been doing TRT for about a year now. Since starting on T my libido is good, I’ve dropped 75 lbs. and am very active. I originally tested ( 3/30/16) at 113 T Total ( 300-890 Range) a year after previously using Testim Gel, which I stopped due to insurance issues. My Dr. put me on Testosterone Cypionate 200 mg/ml. Initial dosage was 1.5ml / 2 weeks and after 3 months ( 6/10/16) I tested at the end of a cycle and T Total was 364.

My dosage was increased to 2 ml / 2 weeks and after reading some info on this forum I changed it to 1 ml / week to increase the frequency of the shots to stay more level. After 4 1/2 months later ( 10/29/16) I tested at the end of the cycle ( same day before I took my next shot ) and my T Total was 1187 (300-890 Range). My Dr said since I was feeling good it was ok.

In January 2017 I wasn’t feeling well and had bloodwork drawn, The CBC showed Hemoglobin at 18.8 ( 13.5-17.5 normal range) and Hematocrit at 58.9 (40.5-52.5 std range). This concerned me so after discussing with my Dr. I reduced my dosage to 0.75ml / week and Dr. told me to take a baby aspirin per day. On 3/1/17 I asked my Dr to get some additional test done.
Results were T4 FREE 1.03 ( std range 0.8-1.80),
Hemoglobin 18.6 ( 13.8-17.2 std range),
Hematocrit 57.4 (41-50.0 std range),
Hemoglobin A1C 5.2 ( greater than 6.5 diabetes)

One week later I had more bloodwork:
Testosterone ( taken 1 day after my 0.75ml injection)
Total 1657 (std range 250-1100 ng/dl)
Testosterone Free 420.9 (std range 35.0-155.0)
Hemoglobin 18.9 ( std range 13.8-17.2 )
Hematocrit 57.2 ( std range 41.0-50.0 )
PSA 1.1 ( std range less than or equal to 4.0)
PSA Free 0.37

I asked for additional lab work for Estradiol and a few others per the Complete Guide to T Replacement and my Dr. said she wouldn’t know what to do with the results anyway and I would need to be recommended to a specialist for that.
Here’s where I need some guidance.
When is the correct timing to test for T (Total & Free)? What range do I want to be in since the half life of Cypionate is 7 days?
What can I do about the high Hemoglobin / Hematocrit? I saw somewhere that Red Cross will not take blood above 52.
I felt good with the higher T but I don’t want to affect my overall health. I currently work out 3-4 times per week with weight training, work fast with 1 min rest between sets, I wear a HR monitor and don’t let my HR drop below 120 while training and do some cardio, about 30 min twice per week.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


If your injection is on day one, pull your blood on day seven. How you are feeling, and other lab results, are more important than the TT/fT number, within reason. Red Cross will take your blood. You’ll feel better after donating.


Just to make sure I understand correctly. I take my weekly injection on Friday mornings, so I should pull blood on the following Thursday, 1 day prior to my next injection? I will definitely donate blood. Thanks.




My Hematocrit dropped to almost pre-trt levels by doing shots twice weekly.