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Help with T-Dawg Diet

I’m new to Testosterone and to the Forum, so please be patient with me while I ask for your assistance. For a little background, I haven’t really lifted in about three years (maybe a month here, a month there, but I consider it as none) and obviously have weight to lose, about 2, maybe 3 sizes (right now about 165 lb.). And yes, I’m a woman. I’m not new to training with free weights, as that was my preferred workouts prior to my “break”, but I’m not an expert either, that’s why this site is GREAT!!!. I have started the T-Dawg diet and will try the Meltdown Training along with it (ugghh, I know this will be tough).

My question has to do with the diet. I followed the guidelines given in the diet and came up with the following: Weight training days - 65g fat, 135g protein, and 70g carbs and Non-weight training days - 82g fat, 135g protein, and 30g carbs. Also my diet looks somewhat like this on weight days: Meal 1 - AP + 1 tbsp flaxseed oil, Meal 2 - 6 egg whites with two yolks (hard-boiled), Meal 3 - turkey burger (patty only) with 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese, Meal 4 - Surge (after workout), Meal 5 - salad with can of Tuna or can of Salmon. Non-workout days include: Meal 1 & Meal 2 the same as above, Meal 3 - fried hamburger patty and 2 oz. cheese, Meal 4 - AP + Flaxseed oil, Meal 5 - Salad with either Tuna or Salmon. I may have to up the calories on workout days, I'll see what happens. Am I being too conservative with my fats? Am I taking in too much protein? The guidelines said to use .6 - .8g protein per pound of body weight (not mass-have no idea what bf% is, really don't want to depress myself at this stage), so I used the high end. Once my order of MD6 comes in, I'll use that, but not at the normal dose since I know I'm sensitive to stimulants. Any tips, comments, past experiences will be most helpful. Thanks.

First of all welcome to t-mag and congratulations on your choice of help!! i speak on behalf of everyone when i say that! Your diet and training choices are sound!! I have a few suggestions though at meal one i would skip the flx seed as you are just coming out of a fast and need to replenish as quickly as possible and the flx seed slows this process i would also take in a few carbs at this point, now others will argue but a few carbs won’t hurt if i remember the goal is for around 60g non workout days and up to 120 workout days say take in around 20g thsi will stop the sluggishness often experienced at teh begining of a keto diet or modified keto diet also when it begins to loose the dramatic effects you can always cut these and loose more fat! Your protein intake is not to high it is what it should be, you seem to have taken the time to work this out and for that i commend you! alot of ppl on this just take a diet and say “i wana use it, but what do i do” this is something that gets a little annoying when the answers are right there infront of them!As for stimulants i’d leave them for say three weeks and then add them this will give you an extra boost right around when you need it! Other than that enjoy and happy and productive workouts to you! keep us updated and don’t be afraid to ask thought out questions :slight_smile:


MEMG, it’s awsome that your on the right track again, doesn’t it feel great? Anyway, your plan sounds pretty good to me, however I don’t have to much dieting experience (I have to work to maintain my current bodyweight). What I would watch is your energy levels, since you didn’t list your weight or height (along with activity level), it’s difficult to determine your current calorie needs. Also keep in mind that these things take time, it took you years to put this weight on so it is quite unrealistic to think you can (safely) lose it overnight. I say this not to discourage you, but to encourage you. If you have any other questions just ask. Best of luck.

Thanks for the replies. FFB - Good idea, I’ll try adding a little carbs in the morning. Kent_mc2 - I didn’t go into the whole resting metobolic rate calculations, etc., but I am 165 lb. at 5’7". I haven’t gained any weight over the past two months and I figured I was eating about 1800 - 2000 calories a day (more on weekends since we eat out a lot). My activity level is somewhat sedentary (due to work), but I do try to get up and move around from time to time at work, take the stairs, park my car far away from building, etc. Don’t worry, I am well aware that this weight will take time to come off, but I’m determined to do it. Thanks, again.

Clarification - 5 foot, 7 inches, not 57"

Well, MEMG, now you are one of us. But just remember,
it’s a - “Life Style” - Consistency should always be your goal.
My advice to you would be DON’T GO TOO CRAZY TOO FAST;
ease into it! I can’t tell you how many people I know personally,
who have started out on a training program which was too
intense and a diet that was much too strict. Initially, they
made PHENOMENAL gains, but sadly they burned out after
only 6 months. Keep the big picture in mind at all times!
What you are embarking upon IS a lifestyle. Ten years from

READ IT or READ http://www.t-mag.com/articles/162 miss.html Few people realize how truly important "food awareness" is for achieving their LONG TERM diet goals, and what better way to do this than by keeping a journal. Such strategies are covered thoroughly in this article. Keep it going MEMG. Joey Z.