Help With T-Dawg 2.0 Diet

Ive tried to search and look around a lot for this but I havent been able to find any answer so I’d appreciate some replys from those of you that are more knowledgeable than I.

Ive heard good things about the tdawg diet and I want to follow it. Maybe I’m just dense (not muscle-wise unfortunately) but I have a really hard time creating the “menu” to follow by the parameters of the diet so to speak.

How do I make a menu of what I want and like to eat that will follow the numbers. I’ll probly need something thats sort of a step by step way of putting it together. Im confused about how to balance the total calories, carbs amounts, fats, proteins etc, so everything is in line.

I dont care about variety, i’m fine with one menu forever. Im planning on shooting for 2000 calories. Any info on how to take the information and actually make it manifest into something that will get my diet in line finally would be awesome. Thanks a lot.

Hmm best you learn to fish then someone give you dinner if you know what I mean.

Why dont you TRY post what you think would be a plan to fits its not that hard if you follow the simple outline. Take the totals of protein you need and carbs get that nailed and then the rest of the total intake will be fats use the smart food choices and combining in the article and get us something and we can help from there it will give us MUCH better idea where your confused etc


ok so im thinking 2000 calories. Im also thinking for the sake of simplicity since they said they amount of carbs wasnt to strict and they upped them from version 1.0, I figured to just have one menu id settle in the mid point of the suggested carb spread, so 85. 1.5 grams of protein per lbs of bodyweight means id be needing 330grams of protein.

My lifting program looks like one muscle group a day, 5 days a week. Abs everyday. Maybe I should just do 100 carbs everyday since I train that much.Im Going to be throwing in HIIT atleast 3 times a week, maybe more depending on how my body feels it can handle it.

I’ll be taking Surge recovery post w/o. The tdawg article says,

“If you’re using Biotest Surge, that simply means taking about one scoop before training and one scoop after. That leaves around 50 more carbs to consume on training day. Where do you put them?”

When I look at it it says 3 scoops is one serving, which is 46 carbs, which is another scoop and still less carbs so im confused by that. That would also account for 25 of my 330 protein.

So now what would I do? basically find out what foods I can eat to 0 out the rest of the 50 of my carbs, and what foods I can eat to 0 out the remaining 305g of protein? Hope the calories are under my goal of 2000 and then use healthy fats to get it up to 2000? and if the carbs and protein are over 2k by them selves need to readjust so I have room for some healthy fats?

I like the example diet the article gives.

Sample Daily Diet
Meal #1 (Big breakfast option)
Egg and cheese omelet
Classic Grow!

Beef jerky, handful of mixed nuts

Meal #2
Tuna, boiled egg

Meal #3
Chicken breasts
Mixed veggies

Meal #4
Pre and post-workout drink

Meal #5

Meal #6
Cottage cheese
Metabolic Drive!

So id like to tweak it to work for me.

Questions: Egg and cheese omelet. How many whole eggs and and how many eggwhites are normally used? Id count the protein and carbs and fat in every ingredient correct? So how do I count it when i use just the whites of an egg?

Beef Jerky seems general and theres lots of diff kinds. Is there “healthy and unhealthy” types of beef jerky? What stats am I looking for and to avoid in it?

I’d probly replace the steak with lean hamburger for $ reasons, how would I measure that since id most likely be making the patty out of random amounts of ground beef?

Also how do you measure the calories etc of a plain old head of lettuce or the amount you use for the salad?

Sorry if these are dumb questions but I am a beginner and this does seem sort of complicated to me, thats why m posting in the beginner forum. Thanks for any and all help.