Help with Sustanon

Hi people,

I have pharma sustanon given to me by a doctor- 125mg per week, but I do sometimes get issues with estrogen issues or it could be the sertraline causing me problems as my moods change too often. I was wondering if I was to take for example 420 mg of Sustanon a week by injecting 60 mg each day, would this prevent or reduce estrogen sides or levels of e2?

Thanks for reading. Please advise.

Sustanon is engineered to avoid the kind of frequent injection protocol that you’re talking about. Taking it every day won’t necessarily improve mood issues, especially since they’re a preexisting condition.

Additionally, someone who’s having mood issues and is on an SSRI should probably not be upping their dose of testosterone while they’re trying to get a handle on their mental state, e2, and overall health. You don’t know what’s causing any of the problems but you want to increase your testosterone and see what happens? Say that out loud and then ask yourself if that makes sense.

The doc put me on sertraline to treat hypogonadism and took me 5 blood tests with very low test to be referred to a endo. It was shambolic the least i can say.

I take an SSRI for depression, although Im not sure if I ever needed it in the first place given a lot of my depression was reactive (chronic pain, moving from place to place therefore not being able to make friends, and then when I finally made a good friend and had a GF I had to leave again, hypogonadism etc). That being said I’m being weaned off the SSRI as we speak. I’ll say one thing, SSRI’s have their place in medicine for those with legitimate anxiety/ depressive disorders however I believe they are being dished out to those who have issues unrelated to mental illness or anxiety/ depressive disorders. If one has reactive depression due to shit that’s going on an antidepressant medication that tweaks various neurotransmitters (SSRI’s SNRI’s etc) probably isn’t the fix, the fix is to fix the root cause of the depression, and for me not being in constant, near unbearable pain was a huuuuge help

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I agree. I actually crashed my e2 with a natural supplement and already had low test so took ages to recover and got suddan depression and anxiety after a flush panic attack. I was put on trt because i dont have time to wait due to job etc. Sertraline made me worse but nobody listened till the trt kicked in i was better but i feel the sertraline was messing with my head. Since ive weaned off slowly iam.getting better past day ive gone down to 25mg from 37.5 and feel better. That doc was a fool even my endo said the same. I never had depression or anxiety before.

I was on Prozac and after about seven months of TRT I just stopped taking it. I notice no difference at all. It helped me get from a dark place to a better one, but after that it wasn’t necessary anymore. I’m 100% convinced that years from now we’ll have scientific data that say SSRIs had long term negative effects on male hormones and that they attributed to the rise in men needing TRT.