Help with Sust/Dbol/Win Cycle

This is my first post with this user name, have not been here for awhile so i forgot my old password. Anyways- Im working on my next cycle and Im pretty sure i got it figured out, I just need some feedback. Im 220lbs, 6’4, and 18% bodyfat. I’ve done 2 cycles in the past, this is not my first time around.

So i was thinking about running this cycle:

Week 1-11 Sustanon (125mg eod=500mg every 8 days) frontload first 6 shots with 250mg
Week 1-4 Dbol 40mg ED
Week 10-13 Winstrol 50mg ED (injectable)
Week 1-9 Proviron 50mg ED

Week 3-13 Hcg 250iu twice a week (will stop 4 days before PCT)
Week 14-18 Nolva 20/20/10/10/10 (will start 3 days after last winstrol inj.)
I will run Arimidex all of cycle up until PCT at .25 EOD

Ok now im questioning the frontloading, should i just extend my test to 12 weeks or use those shots to frontload?
Also the proviron, im under the impression i shouldnt use with winstrol, any advice?
not sure if im doing the AI at correct dose, maybe i should do .5 EOD, dont wanna ruin gains tho, also should i lower dose on winstrol?).
i also have clomid on hand if needed.

Looking for any and all feedback or advice, negative or positive, come with it please…

looks really good but theres really no need to frontload sust because it has short esters of test that kick in relativley fast. i see alot of ppl use win to bridge to pct 50mg is pretty standard. unless ur prom to baldness i dont really see a problem.

yea i couldnt decide if i should take the winstrol at 35mg or so for 6 weeks or 50mg for 4 weeks. i think 4 weeks is better.

so can anyone else comment on this cycle or give me some input?

anybody please? i figured this was a good forum to come tooâ?¦…

i would taper off the adex in weeks 12 and 13 as the esters from the sust clear. 50mg of win should keep u dry enough and too much ai is gonna dry out ur joints

yea i agree, i was considering tapering off right when i start the Winstrol during week 10. might stretch it to week 11 or 12â?¦.