Help with sust / d-bol cycle !!!

I am in my second week of a 6 week sust/d-bol cycle. I am taking sust 500/week, d-bol 30mg/day, and adex .5mg/day. I have plenty of clomid for post cycle, and I am going to be getting some HCG. My question is, how much HCG should I get and when should I start and stop taking it. I have noticed a little shrinkage, and know it will probably get worse in the wweeks to come.

take the hcg sat and sunday at 250-500iu/day. take it till week 8 if using the sus right to week 6. then hit the clomid

Since the Sustanon has long acting esters, I would start HCG therapy about 3 weeks AFTER my LAST shot of Sustanon. Blood serum levels are still somewhat high during the couple weeks when your cycle ends. In my opinion, taking your HCG before those alloted 3 weeks will be useless.

More importantly is your Clomid. HCG is great at “jump starting your balls with cables”, but your Clomid will serve a better purpose as you combine the 2 together and stay on Clomid for a couple of extra weeks because of the high estrogen enviroment your body is in. Good luck.

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I suggest doing a search on Hcg. There were some pretty good threads not too long ago that were pretty explanitory.
Or you can follow the advice just given blindly if you like, and let us know how things turn out P-22.

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