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Help With Supps

Can anyone point me in the way of good supps to use? Im 18 years old, height 196cm weight 230lbs. very solid. Been going to the gym for 2 years solid. Good diet.

Eat clean except maybe 2 cheat meals per week. I have tried a lot of various products. I have also tried pure creatine monohydrate. I have never tried BCAAs or any of the like. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. I lift 5 nights a week with two cardio sessions on the spare nights.

do you have whey protein? thats like the foundation of a body builder got to have a nice 5 lb tub of whey… and what do you take for ur PWO shake?? if u dont have whey? what do u use to get a quick hit after ur workout

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A great base to go with solid diet and training are Fish oils, a multi, and a protein supp. Then go from there try something that fits your goals and see how it works for you


do u think its better to take ur multi in the morning or at night? just curious… i always take mine in the morning to get a good dose of vitamins and minerals in me

I personally dont think it matters as long as you get it. I take mine in the morn as well just due to fact its easy to remember get in a habit.

Sure may help since your going to be active etc all day. Actually better off getting a quality multi the requires 2-3 servings and split it if we want to get technical. we can only up take so much at once so your pissing out a lot. or bite the thing in half and take one AM one PM


thanx for the advice phil! u always seem to have good insight

mabye if you have time check my form on my bulking diet maybe you could give a helping hand u seem to know a lot