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Help With Supplements (Cutting)

im looking for a supplement that will help me with cutting b/f and help me still gain or keep what i have . new to the whole supplement thing so anything will help thanks


Well are you new to the whole "working out" and "diet" thing also?

What are some stats.


Get your diet down,find an effective work-out,and then try supplements.The best,in mt humble opinion,is HOT-ROX.

There are tons of threads here,but for a start,try T-dawg.Its easy to follow and pretty effective.If you feel like going hardcore,try V-diet.Its tough,brutal,and downright effective.


sorry im not new i have been working snice high school thats not new to me. i use to not be able to gain weight lol now its easy. i go to the gym 3 times a week and i power lift . i just want to loss my belly that i got from powerlifting, but want to keep what i have gained thanks


Eat less, lift heavy and mover more.





I didn't know powerlifting will give one a belly. I resolve to quit powerlifting today so I don't get a belly.


lol i did not eat all the right things beside i all ready had one. beside im not asking about my lifting im asking about supplements


I'd give Maximum Strength HOT-ROX a try.