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Help with Supertest450


I recently got some supertest450 stealth packs. I did everything they told me to do to make the stuff stirle. I only do 1cc of it twice a week and rotate glutes every shot. Everytime I inject, the site becomes insainly painful the day after. I mean PAINFUL! To the point where I can't even sit down. The pain always goes away in like a week or so, but its becomeing rediculous.

I been injecting my glutes and delts for a couple years now with other gear and have never had any problems, ever! I tried slowin down the injection to 10 sec. per 1ml. But it did absolutley nothing. Im using 1.5" long 25g needles, and I put them all the way in so I get deep into the glute. Im not fat all so i'm thinking that should deep enough.

Can anyone help me with some tips or a fix to this pain? Im already seeing great results from it and do not want to stop using it. But the pain is getting to be a hassle and very hard to hide, as I walk with a limp, and I can't sit. Even tring to find a nice position to sleep is impossible. PLEASE HELP ME, I NEED IT!


Sounds awful. I have never nor would ever use satchets/stealth packs.


Nobody has an help?


Think about it 450 mg/ml is such much. I do 100mg/ml and i'm sore for days. Get some sterile oil and cut it. 450mg/2 ml will make a big difference.


Stop using shitty gear and you wont have problems. ANY redness or pain (aside from virgin muscle soreness) is a sign of bad gear. A huge headache or maybe worse waiting to happen. The only exception I can think of is the pain associated with test prop, some people just seem to get a bad reaction from it.


I dont think the gear is shitty. I been ordering from the same guy a long time. And I never have any reddness or bruises. Its just painful. I mixed a 1/4cc of the supertest, with a half cc of the sus250 yesterday and so far no pain.


Ok well thats good. I must have imagined the redness part. Sorry about that.


I used the same Supertest 450. I also mixed in Deca. Yeah it's extremely painful. I was convinced I had an infection at one point (I didn't). So the pain you're feeling is not unusual, I think.

I suspect that the concentration is too high. Next time I'll get Supertest 250 instead and shoot twice a week instead of once like I did. Reading this and other forums leads to think that this might help with the pain.


thanks for the info nosmarter. I used to do 1000mg of the sus250 a week and never had any pain. Im pretty sure its just because the spuertest450 is a lot thicker then anything else out there really. I read that because it so thick that it accually pushes your mucsle apart where it is injected because its so thick and thats where the pain is coming from. Where as the sus250 acually disperses much easier in the mucsle when injected.