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Help With Superhero Routine by CT

Superhero Routine by Thibaudeau need some info on what weights to use.

Here’s the link : http://www.t-nation.com/portal_includes/articles/2006/06-021B-training.html

Its something completely different from what i’m used to, workout has been kind of stagnant lately. he does some super setting which i haven’t done much of.

what i’m wondering is what kind of weights should i be using because for example when doing deadlifts, the workout has 1x15 1x12 1x8 1x20, should i be using my 15rm and 12 rm and 8 rm? also should i stick to one weight or increase on every set for some of the other exercises?

Thanks, maybe someone has tried it can give some input.

Hi StellaArtois,

My training group recently started this program. We normally focus on strength training and powerlifting, so it’s different for us as well. We change up the weight for almost every set in order to reach the reps required. For the Deadlift you used in example, it would be gradually increasing weight, with the last being what I’d call a cool down set (much lighter than the third).

Good luck with this program, it’s a lot of fun, and has given us great results so far. Be sure to pay close attention to all the nutritional and recovery information too. It’s a great article.

same here,

thanks for the help, the squat stuff makes sense, for bench it says 3 sets 8 reps so you guys basically increased for example first set 225, second 245, third 265lbs. also did you guys work to failure on the last set?

how did your shoulders feel after a couple of weeks, seems like there is lots of shoulder work in this.

really want to start the routine next week, as far the article was concerned are you referring to the “20lbs of Hollywood muscle” article?

Failure happens. Again, it took some trial and error to predict since it was a lot of lifts and style of lifting we were not accustomed to. Usually, we’d get to a rep below failure.

My shoulders held up pretty well, but my roommate was really feeling them. I felt more initial soreness in traps and chest, yet he felt none in the traps and we’ve been training together for months.

Sorry, yes, the hollywood muscle article. I was unable to follow your link, and I reckon too lazy to look it up. :wink: