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Help With Sumo DL

Hi all,

Recently, I have been considering switching to sumo style DL. First, background info:

I am 5’10", 210. I have relatively long arms and legs for my height. I have always used the conventional DL. My squat has always been heavier (stronger) than my DL. Hips and legs stronger (and more limber) than low back. I am 43, training since 16.

Last week, I tried sumo DL. I was alternating it with conv DL. The weight seemed easier using the sumo style. The heaviest I went was about 50% of current 1RM.

Here’s my problem / question: The insides of my knees REALLY hurt in the second and third (last) set. This was an area about 3"x6", in the medial aspect of my knees, centered at the knee joint. I was worried that I would be overly sore the next day, but I wasn’t.

The ease at which the weight came off the floor has really tempted me to pursue the sumo DL. But, I am worried about hurting my knees. Is there something I might be doing form-wise that would do this? Should I just stick with conventional DL?

Thanks for all input…

Video would help

When I first started sumo pulling that used to happen to me quite frequently. Once I started to push my knees out hard it stopped happening.

I would be a bit concerned that it’s happen at 50% tho. Oh and another thing to consider is that light sumo’s generally feel lighter and can be pulled faster than equivalent convos, but once you start to move up in %'s the sumo pulls will probably start to move slower. At least that’s my experience.

Im also 5’10" with long arms and legs and i have found my sumo record is about 110 lbs less than my conventional record(both gym lifts). Recently I have added them as a assistance lift to see if they will help bring up my hip/leg strength. I have a 75" wingspan though, so it may not apply to you.
In training it wouldn’t hurt to do both and see if hanley’s advice about pushing the knees out works.