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Help With Summer Plan

Hey, what’s up? I’m 16 and I’m going to be very busy this summer–with 3 or 4 jobs. But I still made sure to make time for lifting. I need some help with making summer plans for weights. I play football and I wrestle, but I would like to lean down and get more cut for the ladies. I think I’m at about 16% bodyfat right now, and that needs to go DOWN. I think I’m going to do an 8-12 rep program for the first month, then 6-8, then 4-6. The higher load will prepare me for football, I hope. I have some swimmer friends who are crazy–they haven’t lost a meet in some outrageous number of years (Carmel). I’m going to go swimming with them often, because when I took Community Water Safety this year, I realized i SUCKED at swimming. Muscular endurance is my weakness. Cardio will probably be kept to short sprints 2 times a week. Since I’ll be raking in the dough, what supplements should I take? I have tried ephedrine & creatine. Creatine is too expensive for the shit gains I got, but I really like ephedrine. Maybe I’ll order some MD6? T2 would also be nice to cut, but is it safe and worth it? Or I could ditch all that and take Mag-10 but I don’t know if it’s safe for my age. LMKWYT


If you’re looking to cut, MD6 would be the best place to start. You sound like you know more than the average 16 year old, which is great. At your age, Mag-10 is a bit over the top. You don’t really need it, and it likely won’t help. I’m not going to waste my time telling you to wait on using ephedrine for several reasons. One, you’ve already used it. Two, you wouldn’t listen. SO, if you’re going to use it, and busy as busy as it sounds you’re going to be, PLEASE drink lots and lots of water. Be safe, friend.

What you need to do is get your diet in order. Start keeping a food log, and read all of the diet articles on this website. Start cutting (MD6 will help A LOT). Keep your food clean, and don't go crazy with the partying. When you get to about 9-10%, start eating more and lifting heavier, gradually increasing cals. As you get close to the end of the summer, start eating like a madman (all clean) and packing on the muscle. You'll put on a little fat, but if you start MD6 now, you can take a break midsummer, and then use it during your bulking cylce to partition fat gain. By the time the season rolls around, you should be about 12, but with lots more muscle.

As far as actual lifting programs, address a post to Coach Davies, he should be able to help.

The most important thing is to keep the diet in order, the supps are secondary. Make sure you take care of what your body needs. Hope this helps.

just to start this off, if you take mag-10 when you are 16 you will probably never grow again. if you are happy with how tall you are, great, otherwise wait till you stop growing. also, if you buy pure creatine it is REALLY cheap. dont buy it combined with otherstuff. if you do, you are paying for low quaility filler in most cases. it would be good for you using any other non-prohormone supplement that helps with musclegain, i know biotest makes a few. good luck with the lifting

if you take mag-10, believe me you will get a badass body. i know form experience. i am 17, 6’1", 185lbs, 7% bodyfat. since i was 16 ive been using androsol, advanced protein, tribex, and surge, and recently mag-10. in the past year ive grown 1" in height, gained 35 lbs of lean muscle, and dropped 4% in body fat. its not only me, but my workout buddy and my other friend in the gym have done what ive done and theyve seen great gains as well as i have. do what you want, since i was skinny before (i didnt need md6 or any fat burner) and had a crappy diet, i changed my diet to 200g of protein a day w/ 4000 calories a day. i think mag-10 wont do you the harm many would say it would, and if you take M with it also, you wont have a thing to worry about.

Diet first is important, THEN consider supplementation. Have you read the “Heirarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart? Check that article out. Plus at your age (16) your body is still growing, adjusting. Give it time. Eat foods, stay active.