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Help With Substituting Supps


I am a beginner to wieght lifting, been lifting for a little over a year now. For the last year i've been on the BSN mass stack. I've had some pretty good gains but also spent some pretty good money on all of it to. I'm takin n.o. explode, nitrix and true mass. I've been lookin around his stie and found a bunch of diff. supps. Not to sure on what to replace the bsn stuff with.

an help is much appreciated and sorry if this topic has been beat to death.


For your protein needs Grow! Premium Whey or Metabolic Drive.

For post workout recovery Surge, Creatine, and BCAA's.

For health and a test boost Flameout, REZ-V, and TRIBEX or Alpha Male.

Read up on them in the T-Nation store and then post further questions if needed.



BSN products, especially NO-xplode have been debunked on here and on bb.com. Do some research.


yeah i have done some on n.o. explode but honestly thats the only thing that i could really feel something from and actually helped. With n.o.xplode i think to each his own and thats the only thing i would still get but most likely wont. thats for respnding tho.


For Mass gains, I'd go with:
-Surge for Post Workout; Check out Chris Shugart's article on the Double Dosing Surge Challenge.

-Metabolic Drive for your Meal Replacement any other time of the day but Post Workout.

-Flameout for your fish oil; just 4 caps daily, and a bottle will last you 22 days.

-BCAA's, there's a whole bunch of different dosing protocals.

-Creatine, same as the BCAA's.

-ZMA a half hour before your last meal.

  • Caffeine Free Spike/and or Spike Shooters for a good kick in the ass before your training sessions.

  • If you're looking to minimize fat gains while bulking, go with the stack of Caffeine Free Spike and HOT-ROX Extreme, either instead of the Caffeine Free Spike/Spike Shooters Combo, or on lifting days, go with the Caffeine Free Spike/Spike Shooter combo, and on rest/cardio/GPP days go with the HOT-ROX Extreme/Caffeine Free Spike stack.


Yeah, I understand you, but the effects are the same as a moderately heavy caffiene dose, honestly if it makes you work harder in the gym with more energy, keep buying it. I personally am against it but if if you have good experience with it why change what works.


thanks for all the advice everyone!

I have one question, nobody recomended BETA-7, is it because Spike/Spike Shooters is better?


Nobody recommended that because you don't need it, yet.

Fix your diet, get the basic supps (Protein/PWO, fish oil, creatine), and then when you need a little something to break a plateau, or in 2 years when you are working harder than ever, then you add something like Beta-7 to push you to the next level.

Beta-7 and Spike are totally different read about them.