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help with stretch run

I NEED SOME HELP, PLEASE. I have exactly two weeks left to reach my goals. I am now 9% body fat and my goal was 6-7%. I will not bore you with the details of my training or my diet because I think they are both solid. My question is regarding cardio. I was doing IBUR 2x a week, but I do not how well that will fit into my regimen when I begin a 5x5(3-4x a week) strength program, while slowly decreasing my carbs. How have you guys manipulating cardio when you preparing for photos, vacation, etc.? Thank

read “7 days to ultimate leanness.”

Hey, there, HellRaizer.

Cutting carbs will definitely cause you to drop scale weight (by depleting glycogen and the water that is stored with glycogen in the muscles), but if you do not reduce calories or increase energy expenditure, you will not be doing anything to reduce your BF%.

Additionally, if you drop carbs significantly, you’re right that you will not have the energy you need to do IBUR or any anaerobic-type cardio.

Go ahead and try doing some IBUR. If you just can’t do it with the lower carb intake, you’re going to have to go with steady-state cardio at a lower intensity.