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Help With Stretch Marks


I'm 6'2, 260 my b/f in only 17%. i keep getting strech marks on my bics and on mu chest amost in the arm pit but most on bics. i drink 1gallon of water a day . i put on all kinds of things for and it helps a little just want to know . if anyone had anything better


I think the general info I found was to learn to live with them.

They fade over time, and some guys seem 'em as "battle scars" if you will.

I think taking magnesium and using creams to keep the skin elastic were some good solutions, just do a search on the site.


I had a problem similar to this when i lost a bunch of weight. i used Strivectin-SD. it is pricey but it works pretty well if you are willing to pay


Ha! I got them on my bis in high school, and 30 years later...wait, let me look...yep, still there!


What bodybuilders don't have stretch marks?

I would honestly think I was growing extremely slow if I never got any.


I can feel mine tear on a heavy set of weighted dips! AGGHHH!!!

Well, I kind of like it.



i think maybe everyone likes it a litte. let u know u are doing something


Ya they probably are still there but they've faded to a more skin colour tone, haven't they?


I suppose; it's hard to remember. Are they red when they first appear? (Not one of my most vivid memories from high school!)


Damn right. Yea I got one for each pec in the armpit. One is a few years old and the other is new as oflast week. COnsider it growth rings.


The bottom line is that even dermatologists I've asked don't definitively know what causes them - seems to be there's a number of different ways they can form.

A couple pointed to vitamin E deficiency or a slight deficiency in skin tone regulating hormones (which can be caused by any number of nutritional factors or simply a genetic predisposition to low expression).

Do a little reading via Google on what regulates skin elasticity and see if you're obviously lacking an any of the factors. Getting more E has helped mine a bit.



I think it is genetic. My brother and I both have them but mine are far worse. Probably because of the weightlifting I do. I tried Vitamin E for a few months but it did nothing. I mentioned it to a doctor and he said there is nothing you can do to treat them. There are many alleged treatments on the internet but I suspect they are scams. You can get laser treatment but all that does is make them fade quicker.


when i first started lifting i noticed some kind of swelling under my skin and all over my body too. i didn't think much of it but the swelling continued and even became rather bulbous in spots.

i went to some doctors but they said i
"just have to live with it". wtf ? it really sucks and it just seems to keep progressing. i've even had to buy new clothes and i'm going to have to again soon . also i'm getting shy about going out in public because chicks are always poking my arms and trying to pet me like i'm somekind of exotic animal attraction.
why can't i just be normal ?