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Help with Strength Cycle

How to plan strength cycle (linear, waves), with one top set (intesity)and after that cycle (or before), with two top set (volume)?
How to load and reset?

Is it smart, before this working set, do one single, like over warm up? When the weight little low in working set (sets).

Thank you.

Read Base Building. Problem solved.

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I read. This is different approach.
Paul used that method in the past. Before Base Building.

It’s not a different approach. I did use over warm ups in base building.

Base building is really the most sound methodology I’ve used for strength building because it gives you ample volume to learn the movement well, while performing it with a high degree of explosiveness due to the sub-maximal loading. This means more motor unit involvement while not overly taxing the lifter systemically.

I added in a heavier single as an over warm up many times when doing this in order to prime the nervous system a bit better for the volumized work.

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