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Help with Strength Block Wave Loading

for most of my training career ive trained in the 6-8 and 10-12 range, starting off workouts with heavy compound moves and moving into higher rep isolation to finish off. ill alternate straight sets with heavier weights for 4 weeks, then i switch to higher volume, with supersets, drop sets, ect. ive never really periodized my training, just try to go as hard as possible week after week then taking an off week every couple months.

anyway i downloaded Thibs ebook black book of training secrets today to give me some tips on setting up programs. im pretty good on the bodybuilding stuff, but the strength stuff eludes me. ive never trained specifically for strength without hypertrophy, and now i want to start doing 2 hypertrophy blocks followed by a 4 week strength block, then repeat.

i want to utilize wave loading in this strength block but im unsure of how to structure this. right now in its infancy my program looks like this:

week 1: 10/6/4 10/6/4 10/6/4
week 2: 7/5/3 7/5/3 7/5/3
week 3: 6/4/2 6/4/2
week 4: 3/2/1 3/2/1

as it stands it will be a 4 day split each week: chest, quads, off, back + overhead press, off, then posterior chain. when training for strength, do i need to have more frequency per muscle group since the volume is low? for instance can i train chest once a week if im going for strength?

heres a sample of my chest workout:
incline bb bench: 10/6/4 10/6/4 10/6/4
flat db bench: 3 x 6-8
dips: 2 x 6-8

any tips on structuring this would be appreciated. right now im lost in the dark…