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Help with Strange Internal Rotation Shoulder Issue

Need your help with something, so it’s in relation to internal rotation, so when I’m warming up I’ve tried a different version of internal rotation its hard to describe but I have my arm in a L shape in front or my body and I rotate towards my chest and its causing my shoulder to pop or feel like its catching on something/locking

Is there a name for it so I can look it up? And is it a bad movement for the shoulder joint meaning it’s not optimal for it to go that way?

Basically imagine you are on a pec deck and when you are at the top of the movement is how my arm is then I rotate my arm inwards towards my chest while keeping my arm upright like the picture below without the pec deck

Should I stop doing it?

Stop doing that move. Think of it like a test you failed.

Find some easier internal rotation move. Focus on doing it correctly, and figure out how to pack your shoulder and keep your good posture, etc. Basically figure out how to internally rotate without popping or locking. Once you master the more basic move, try the one above and see if you’re better at it.