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Help with strange blood test please

Posted 2 weeks ago about my labwork but i only had the labwork of peak day.
Now i got my thru labs and something is very strange.

my shots: Monday and Thursday. 100mg a week
First blood test one day after my injection.

Total T: 8.82 2,50-8,40
Shbg: 19,2 18-54
Free androgen index: 159 …104
E2: 49 11-43
Free testosterone: 27,68 6,30-17,80

Free test is high but i felt good.

Now the thru numbers taken 2 days later (thursday before next injection. Take a look at E2!

Total T: 7,95 Upper range
Free test: 25,97 Still very High
E2: 74!!! WTF

How is this even possible? on my peak e2 was 49 one day after injection.
Thru BEFORE next injection 74???
Must be lab mistake right? I just dont understand that. it should be somewhere around 20…

now i am on 50 mg a week since two weeks and i feel very good. will try rhis for a couple weeks and test again. Free test must be in the upper middle range on that protocol.
Can you help me with the e2? whats going on there?

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