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Help with Starting Protocol

I am about to start trt over the next few days. The protocol I am opting towards is ed subq Injections around the belly - that is if my body tolerates it e.g no bumps.

Two questions, is there really a great deal of difference on the efficacy of the test between the two routes. Can people who have been using subq for a while verify how they feel and perhaps post their numbers.

My second question is, if I decided to do a blast in the near future, most likely in a year or so when my numbers are dialed in what would the best protolcol. For example of I was to do say 500mg test e / week, would it be best to just stop subq all together and IM the test e, or just pin the UGL subq with my pharma trt. Not sure how ugl would go subq and would my levels fluctuate if I stopped subq trt for 12 weeks while I blasted IM test?


First rule of TRT is you’re going to have to figure out what works for you. It’s a very individual thing

HOWEVER, I would start with IM. 30g 1/2” insulin syringe to the delt a few times a week. Give that a few months, then try SubQ later if you still want to. I started on daily SubQ as well and all I got was a lot of burning red spots and no results. Switched to 3x a week IM and could at least feel I’d taken something within a few days

This way you can also do your blast by just upping the amount you’re injecting and that’s that

This ^^^^. I hated SQ, I much prefer IM.

I’ve used SubQ for 10 weeks now twice a week around the belly area and feel great. Not one issue.