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Help WIth Squats & Deads

Just starting out with weights again after losing a good bit of weight since last year (30-40 pounds). I’m finally in good enough shape to start seriously hitting the squats and deadlifts (other than just some free weights with my cardio), but I’m having a problem with form.

I can’t get down to parallel without my lower back rounding out a bit. It’s not much, I can almost get there. I can perform a deadlift down to parellel and I don’t feel any pain or discomfort even though there is a bit of rounding. I checked my form in the mirror with the bar from every angle yesterday.

So my questions were:

  1. What exercises and/or stretches do I need to work on to remedy this?

  2. Should I still be doing squats and deadlifts if I can’t get that perfect form without my lower back rounding out? Is it something that I can correct over a few months, or will it be counterproductive and do damage?

Thank you for any responses.

Sorry, meant to say I can perform a squat almost to parallel, not a deadlift.

mostly likely the result of a weak midsection and/or tight hamstrings.