Help With Squat Form!

I just noticed today that my knees tend to “escape” to the sides when I’m squatting. I have tride forcing them to a straight line, but i found out that I go up on my toes, elevating my heels. I tried squatting with less weight (even bw squats only) and no success fixing those issues. does anyone have a clue how to elevate those problems.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure if I understand you properly, but you are supposed to push your knees out. It’s safer, more efficient etc.

They come out at an angle instead of straight down.

Instead of going in at a line which is at a straight angle to the ground they go at a diagonal angle.

Yeah, I think what the person is getting at is that your legs are going to do that, and it’s more safer, your body adjusts to give a better base and more power.