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Help with Squat Form

Set of 5 at 250lbs. Bodyweight 148. I know there’s a lot to work on here. I would appreciate any advice given. No need to sugar-coat anything, just tell me what needs fixing. I appreciate your time.

That’s a solid squat for your body weight.

At a glance bar path is all over the place it looks like your knees shift back out the hole. Quite a few ways to address this. Gotta Go Rn but will check back in later with info

Also stop doing that stupid shit with ur head where throw your head back. It’s something that some can get away with but really it helps none and probably takes away from your lift.

A few more vids from different angles would also be useful.

Thanks for your help.
I definitely agree that my bar path is terrible. Any ideas for fixing that ?
I don’t know why I do that with my head, I’ll definitely make sure I cut that out though.
I don’t have any more angles right now, but I’ll grab some more next time I squat.
Appreciate it

For the head movement thing because it’s simple enough Your head shouldn’t be moving around much during the squat especially not like crazy powerful hair flicking movements. If your upper back is set tight then movement above or below like in the cervical spine or neck can mess with that and undo all the good work done during the set up.

Bar path issues are a bit harder to diagnose and there’s a lot of resources on YouTube. Search “squat bar path”

I’d start with simple cues such as consciously keeping the knees forward out the hole or maintaining midfoot balance. There is many ways to approach it but it reckon you’ll see a big difference

For some guys it’s a imbalance relatively between their back/hip and legs/quads causing them to shift to certain positions out of hole but you should try some cuing and possibly technique work e.g. tempo or pauses first and see if that does the trick.

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Your bar path is messed up but most likely it has to do with balance and there isn’t a whole lot that can be done other than keep practicing. Make sure you keep your weight evenly distributed between your heels and balls of your feet, shifting onto either toes or heels will mess up your bar path for sure.

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I’m going to go slightly against the grain here and suggest that you point your toes a bit more forward instead of out, and possibly swapping those flats for heels.

You come up off your heels a decent bit which is a main reason why the bar moves all over the place, greater ankle mobility or heels ( oly shoes ) would help alleviate this.

Otherwise you’re going to need to sit back ( push the hips back ) a bit more so that the weight stays centered.

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I appreciate you time. I’ll make sure to put these things into practice and I’ll try and make a follow up after I fix these things. Thanks.

I noticed that with my heels too. So you’re saying I should try some shoes with heels ? I’ll try moving my toe angle as well. Thanks

yes that is what I am saying.

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I personally start with shifting my hips back instead of breaking at the knees right away.

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