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Help With Sprinting/Lifting Routine


im trying to add a sprinting routine in with my weight lifting routine and i have no idea how to integrate it

olympic sprinters have amazing bodies and i know they must follow a certain routine...sprinting has great benefits but i know they have to lift weights as well to get those bodies

now i know they are blessed with certain genes and what not so im not asking to help get one of their bodies but they have follow a certain routine as to not damage their muscle tissue

im sure if i hit my legs hard with weights one day and the next beat them up with intense sprinting that id be over training my muscles in my legs and prob damaging them...then again i dont know a lot about this so thats why i need help figuring out what days i lift and what days i sprint or what not...

my current routine is

mon lower body
tues upper body
wed off
thurs lower body
fri upper body
sat off
sun off

so if anyone could help me set up the type of routine a sprinter uses i would greatly appreciate it


Maurice Greene's routine and diet

Tues and Thurs....Upper Body (no more than a minute rest between sets)

Bench Press....5 X 10, 8, 6, 6, 6
Incline DB Press....3 X 15
Rear Delt DB Flyes....3 X 15
Straight-Arm-Front DB raises....3 X 10
Arm Running motion with DBs....4 X 4 (15 lbs, 10 second burst, 30 sec rest)
Dumbell Curls....3 X 15 (45 lbs, alternating arms)
Lat Pull Downs....3 X 10 (wide grip)
Dumbell Shrugs....3 X 10
Mondays and Fridays....Lower Body
Squats....4 X 10, 8, 6, 3 (each rep is held at the bottom for 5 seconds, then explodes up)
Power Cleans....5 X 3 (start at bottom in deadlift position, snatch BB up top chest, drop the BB back down on floor)
OR, Clean/Front Squats....5 X 5 (start same as power clean, snatch weight to chest, then squat. Dont do squats or cleans when including this exercise)
Single Leg Curls...3 X 10
Single Leg Extentions....3 X 10
Drive Phase Training: Fridays, after weight room and track.
Run stadium steps
Hop Up stadium steps (run down)
Lunge stadium steps (lung 2-3 steps at a time, run down)
Bounding (8 hurdles)
Sandbox bounding
Striding (3 sets of 30 strides)
Wed: no weight room; Track only work.

Heres Mo's Meal schedule Mark
Breakfast-9 am, oatmeal, protein drink with fruit
AFter Weight room-12:30 pm protein drink
After Track-3 pm, protein drink
Dinner-6 pm, chicken breasts, veggies
Desert-Protein drink
before bed-10 pm, protein drink.
*Mo only eats 2 squares a day....ideal for sprinter, plus supplementing with plenty of protein.


This looks like WAY to much volume for someone who seems to be a beginner in the weight room and on the track.

I always recommend WS4SB because, Joe DeFranco has everything set out for you from exercise selection to set/rep schemes.
Here is a link to the program


The only way you're going to get better at sprinting is sprinting.

I would suggest to the OP, to do WS4SB and include sprinting on Saturdays or Sundays, basic stuff, such as starting off the blocks and moving your way up to 35-40 meters. 3 sets of 5 for an all out sprint of 30 meters or something like that.

If you can get a drag sled use that also.

To the OP, what are you goals? Weight gain, strength increase, speed increase?

The more info you provide, the easier it is to help you out.


i guess for the most part i want to increase speed but i want the benefits of a better more muscular body that i can get from sprinting...im not affraid of doing the work...i just dont know when to run and when to lift...so that i dont contradict anything and damage any muscle


Just do some research.

You can get faster by just practicing good sprint technique, also doing Olympic type lifting will benefit you the most in that area.

Try WS4SB out for 4-6 weeks, eat 5-6 meals a day, and work hard and push yourself in the gym.

I usually run 1 or 2 days after I train legs. I do alot of strongman type stuff such as farmers walk for conditioning, but using a sled will help you out alot.

You can find drag sleds on elitefts or nybarbell websites for sale.

The only way you're going to see if something works or doesn't work is if you try it.


Check out Charlie Francis's forums or products.


100% behind xb100. I've just started westside for skinny bastards, and its basically the ideal program for what the OP is looking for- it allows one to bust your ass in the gym, lift hard, gain weight and strength, and it also provides space for sprinting and sport drills.

Give it a try, baseballbody. I dont know if thats just your screen name, but if you do play baseball, my guess is Westside for skinny bastards would definitely help you in all the parts for your game, as well.


There was also recently an artcle on elitefts called Westside for Baseball (I think), if that helps at all.



read it, do it.

in fact, read the rest of his articles


Sprinting will do little to produce a more muscular body unless you perform it as a cardio session to burn calories. In which case it just makes you lose more fat and the muscles that you've built doing other things will look better.

I say little only because it will help build your thighs and calfs if performed with enough intensity, specially the heavier you are.

So if you want speed, you should be sprinting alot, and if you want muscles you should be lifting alot. The more goals you take on at the same time the longer and harder it will become to accomplish them, however the best quote I've ever heard was from an incredible athlete.

"The body can do whatever you condition it to do"


I guess it depends on what your doing on your legs days. In the 7 coaches article dan john said he front squatted twice a week and did olympic lifts the other 3 days so going on that theres no reason why you couldnt just replace the oly lifts with sprints in a programme as long as you didnt do too much volume.

When im at uni I train rugby for 5 hours a week plus playing once a week- which involves a huge volume of sprinting- and my squat numbers still go up when im there squatting twice a week.Just my 2 cents.