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Help With Split Ideas

I really have nothing better to do than work out. I don’t have school till September and my job is boring and not very physically demanding. I want to start working out 3 days on, one day off, so close to 6 times a week (exactly 5.25 times a week).

I was wondering what muscle combos the most worthwhile, like Chest with Tris, Back and Bis, etc. This is what I was thinking, but then again, I’m posting in the beginners forum, so that shows what I know!

Day 1 - Chest/Tris
Day 2 - Back/Bis
Day 3 - Legs/Shoulder
Day 4 - Off
Day 5-7 Repeat
Day 8 - Off

I want to do a 4X6 method with 3 exercises per body part, with compound as the base, such as Bench for chest, rows for back, squats and deads for back.

Also, should the weight be static for all for sets, or should I try to increase each set bu 5-10 lbs?

I was also reading about the OVT plan, and it looks challenging and I like how Christian actually backs up his knowledge with results. I know you guys like full body training 3 times a week, but is working out a muscle once, or twice a week a serious flaw? Is the OVT workout worthwhile?

Any suggestions help! Thanks, guys!!! (girls)

Congratulations on wanting to start a workout program!

Instead of the more traditional split you’re thinking of performing, I believe that Chad Waterbury’s “Total Body Training” program may be a better choice.

Do a search on it, or check in the 2004 archives.

Good luck.

Also, read as many back issues as possible.


I think there really is no need for you to be working out 6 times a week. I would go with something like:

M: Chest/Tri
W: Back/Bi
F: Legs/Shoulders

Pick up another hobby. Learn to breakdance, learn to cook.

With regard to OVT, it is very difficult, but there are better programs out there. I think Christian himself prefers the Bodybuilder’s Pendulum program over OVT, so you might want to look into that.

RIT Jared

If you’re a beginner, I’d go with a routine that works each muscle group more than once a week. Chad Waterbury has several good routines; I’d recommend either ABBH or Big Boy Basics. I follow the principle that each muscle group should be trained as often as possible, so long as you are making progress each time you train. When you reach the point that your muscles don’t have enough time between workouts to fully recover, then the training frequency should be reduced.

At least this has been my experience.

look at Training for Maximal Size by Joel M… hopefully this link works:


you train as often as you feel up to it so its a good program for most levels of lifters. I have personally used this program and had some great mass gains in a relativly short period of time.