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Help with Speed Deadlifts, 250kg for Triples


Starting speed training again after my deadlift training, felt great but being told by some other lifters it's far too slow to be beneficial for acceleration-based training. What do you guys thing, should I just not bother with it and stick to normal paced heavy rep-work? I cant go any faster than this, even if I do drop the weight down due to my bicep reattachment surgeries I got 4 months ago it's not been the same since it's still a bit dodgy



Have you considered straps so you don't have to pull mixed grip with a recovering bicep tear?


If I do speed pulls, it's usually with band tension. You can really rip into it that way. Depending on what type of set-ups you have, getting the right amount of band tension can be difficult. The short bands can be helpful for this, but they don't have a very long lifespan.

If I do speed pulls with chain weight helps a bit too, but end up turning more into rep work.

Lately, I've just switched to rep work as it's less to think about, either with straight weight or chains.


me too mate, the reason I've stayed away from all this speed work stuff is because there is so much controversy over it haha. Plus, if I'm doing a set I feel it's useless unless I actually have to work for it.


You have a huge deadlift. Do you train it heavy every week?


yes I do, every 5-7 days I deadlift heavy