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Help with Some Lean Gains?

So I want to add some lean mass to by stature. I’m 5ft 4 66Kg and around about 29percent body fat - I’m female and been lifting for about 4 - 5 years.

I’m taking up rugby again and want to put on a bit of lean mass during the pre season - I’ve started doing GVT and so far workouts have been

Monday - Chest and back

1a. 10 x 10 - Chest press (12Kg) Supersetting with…

  1. b 10 x 10 - One armed row (14KG) (I did this wrong should have been bent over row)

Tabita intervals on bike (8 sets)

Tuesday - Legs and abs

Cardio first - 10 KM cycle as quickly as I can level 5 gear

  1. 10 x 10 Squat (20kg plus olympic bar - how much do they weigh!?)

2a. 3 x 10 - 12 - Leg extensions

2b. 3 x 10 - 12 - Leg curls

Wednesday rest

Thursday - Arms and shoulders

a. 10 x 10 - dips (assisted with 25 Kg) supersetted with

1b. 10 x 10 hammer curls (6Kg per dumbbell)

Friday cardio/abs - 10 Km cycle level 5 as quickly as possible plus planks, crunches, side bends, back extentions.

Diet - This is the bit I’m totally struggling with. I know my maitenence calories are around 1800 - 2000 calories but I don’t want to go massively above this as I’m worried I’ll put on fat. THis is roughly what I’ve been consuming to try and put on some lean mass…

Breakfast: 6.30am
Oatbran (40g with water)
1 scoop PHD 100 percent whey 34G powder = 24g protien
Tablespoon flaxseed

multivitimin drink (barocca) + Fish oil capsule

Turkey meat muffins - 5 oz (roughly need to meaure these)

Lunch 12.45
Turkey meat muffins - 5oz (again need to meaure these)
Mixed vegetables
Mixed Salad
1/3 cup of wholeweat couscous

Snack Pre Gym snack - 3.00pm
Oatbran - 30 g
1 scoop USN 100 percent whey

Post gym snack - 5.30pm
1 scoop PHD protien with water

chicken 4 - 6 oz (need to meaure this more)
Loads of vegetables

Pot of cottage cheese (300g) + tablespoon peanut butter

I need to put this all into a cruncher to see how many calories it is - I wonder if it’s enough to grow muscles or too much and I’ll be putting on fat!

I need to get my measurements and some pictures up on here!