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Help with Snatch


I missed a PR behind about 6 times today. I'm a little lost as what to do. this is 93kg/205lbs


Well, first I have to say there's really no way you should have missed a PR attempt 6 times....you should have stopped after the 2nd or 3rd miss and gone down to a weight you could hit to end on a good note.

Second, camera jogs around a bit but it looks like you are swinging the bar out in front in the final pull--it loops a bit forwards after you fire the hips and ends up translating backwards as you are trying to receive it, meaning that instead of coming straight down in the groove it is shifting backwards causing you to miss behind. Sort of an oblong semi-circle.


Putting the bar too far on the receive position. You were very close.

Punch it up no behind you so much. I'm going to guess your mobility has improved quite a lot recently? Got Oly shoes recently? I noticed a lot of people tend to have the bar too far back at the start as they aren't flexible enough. Once they get more flexible or get oly shoes they still do this.

Punch it up.

As for misses, well as long as you feel good and you can get it I'd keep going. I've missed a weight about 3-5-10x and I've eventually stuck it. Small tweaks to the line. I've failed 125 about 5x then I ended up nailing it at some point and then made 127.5 on the 2nd or so and then I made 130 on the first attempt. It use to really p!ss my coach off to no end LOL. He would say I'M PRACTICING FAILURE. It would really annoy me to no end and i'd go at it until I was totally spent and I didn't feel I could make it.



Thanks guys.

Aragorn- I was looking for that too but to be honest couldn't say that I could see it moving forward...but you see it? I don't have a bar path app and its not a great angle. I was also checking each rep and I wasn't jumping forward. I went for it 6 times cause I'm a novice, I had plenty of room, as soon as the pull wasn't there I stopped. you think I should stop earlier?

Koing- I was making an effort to set up lower and correspondingly push through my heels the whole time. I think it helped a lot...maybe too much? "Punch" sounds like a good cue... I'll try it next time.

Couple weeks of work and I'll get another video


I prefer to stop earlier, yes. I would side with Koing's old coach on this one :wink:. But, as Koing says, if you feel you can get it and you're not smoked/spent, then you're probably not doing too much damage.

The loop i see may definitely be the camera angle/movement, but it looks like it's there to me. Regardless, Koing's got good advice.


damnnn, thats only 185 and it happened a lot! I see more loop in the catch but I dont think I am shooting it forward??? Just need something to try at this point.


Yeah, it looks better on this angle :). Definitely not shooting forward off your hips, pretty straight bar path until you lose it behind.

Koing is dead right, you're allowing the bar too far behind you.

I'll definitely yield to Koing's thoughts on the matter, but some food for thought: You might consider the snatch balance--because, as the name implies, it requires you to balance the bar in the groove. Also it makes you practice the idea of "punching up". Also, how much do you overhead squat? both in terms of your best weight and in terms of how often you perform them as a standalone exercise.

My thought is this: the overhead squat might not necessarily carryover to the snatch as people have mentioned before (i.e. "nobody should fail the snatch on the squat up" and variations of the sentiment) but, BUT---it might be useful for you to practice where you sit the weight's groove, and to practice the idea of "punching UP" with heavier weights as Koing has mentioned instead of allowing it so far back. Again, might not be the greatest option and I cede ground here to Koing, but it is something that occurs to me to try.


werd. I don't overhead squat often (at all except a couple reps warming up and never heavy). I should add that, it'll help me get comfortable with those weights.

I did get some feedback on another forum. Since I am setting up so low, my shoulders never get over the bar. It makes for a sweet bar path but the bar has to travel back a lot at the top to end up over my shoulders, hence the miss. I also have a little arm pull to bring the bar into my hips, rather than a sweep.


I noticed the shoulders being behind the bar on the first vid and the second one outlined it even moreso.

I think you can get away with the arm pull it will just cause you to lose some power and would generally result in you catch the bar with bent arms, it shouldn't necessarily make you miss the lift though.

Shoulders over!


Shoulders over slightly more at the start, elbows turned out/pronated,, arms long/loose, keep shoulders over until late in second pull

Try kinovea for free video analysis

Sean waxman has good material on technique on his site


I'd suggest doing only a few attempts/fails then maybe go down slightly and work back up