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Help with Snatch Bar Path


Hey Guys,

This is my first post. I am missing a lot of near maximal snatches out in front and I thought you guys might have some suggestions on fixing this issue.

When I look at the video in slow motion I can see that once the bar meets my hips it gets out away from my body and I have a hard time pulling it back into position. Any ideas on straightening up that bar path?




CT posted a whole bunch of stuff on the snatch here:


Beginning on pg 30 trying to help zooropa1150. You might find his thoughts useful.


From that angle it's hard to tell. I can't see where the bar is in relation to your body at the start, and I can't see if your arms are bending early, it looks like they might be, but I can only see it for a split second, even in slow motion.


Wow. He spent some time on this. Thanks for pointing it out to me.


What would be the best angle? Do you have a sample video that I could replicate the angle from?


45 degrees from the front.


You aren't finishing the pull. It's almost like you're trying to go up with the bar and down win your body at the same time. It won't work unless you're superman. Watch the feet for the guy in this video and how he finishes the pull fully extended and on his toes. And watch yours.

A good lift is about getting a big pull and being fast to get under the bar. When you get extended and on your toes, the bar path changes just a little to move it over head (and behind in line with spine)

MDUSA does a lot of drills where the do their snatch pull and then their full snatch. Goal being the pull is identical in both lifts



Geeze. Hadn't noticed that before. That is pretty bad. Thanks for pointing that out.


This fix might be easier than you would think! On your first pull you seem to be going around your knees as opposed to flaring them out somewhat to allow the bar to travel straight up and as a result are shifting your weight forward so that when you do reach extension the counter balance (that is your body) is also to far forward. Try to employ some hang snatches from the knee and if your catching the bar in a good position then the problem is likely in the first pull.


Maybe this will help you out? http://www.ntrepidathletics.com/the-snatch/


obv no expert here, but CT helped me out a lot with that sequence. Still have problem with the catch position but it has gotten better from doing a ton of
snatch balances. Make sure whether you do them with weight or w/o weight that you are rock solid down there. This will help with your accuracy in the last pull.

Also work on 1st pull.