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Help With Sleep


I’ve never been great at sleeping however since I went to work as a fitness professional about this time last year, my struggles have escalated. My personal workouts are early AM and my work shift is typically 11AM - 8PM. Dinner immediately follows work and consist of protein, veggies, and added healthy fat (olive oil and avocado).

I’m in bed about 90 minutes after dinner and have no trouble going to sleep. The problem is waking up after on average about 5.5 to 6.5 hours of sleep…hungry.
I shoot for 7 hours however that basically never happens. It seems that the higher my daily activity the more likely I am to wake up early. For what its worth, I average 8,000 to 9,000 steps a day at work on top of my personal workouts.

Any thoughts you might have will be great appreciated. I try to incorporate naps to make up for what I’m not getting but understand that this is a poor strategy at best.

Hope this finds you and your family well.


Yeah. Throw your carbs into that last meal. That immediately jumped out at me.

Thank you Paul! Much appreciated.

I’ve also noticed adding carbs helps with sleep. I think it makes your body realize that you have nutrients, and that it does not need to stress out, and that makes you sleep better.

Might not be the best, but I always have a big chocolate milk after lower body training sessions.

Actually carbs increase serotonin which makes you relax. It’s a neurotransmitter function.

Interesting. It is a positive response, I was thinking it was a reduction of a negative response.